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This week, we hit 100k hoppers, which was a huge milestone for us.

We’re happy to see that so many people have such an interest in trading. We’re so excited to see our Cryptohopper community grow and amazed to see how many experienced and inexperienced traders are enjoying to hop. For the next 72 hours we offer 25% off ALL packages.

Our Milestones

In September 2017, a simple trading bot was developed by the Feltkamp bros.

Within months, that bot turned into a real time hopper, trading using crypto signals or multiple TA. Soon, more functions were added, including backtesting, stats and charts.

Bear market features were added to make the experience of trading fun and rewarding in down market scenarios. The hopper grew smarter and smarter with each passing day as our devs worked hard to pinpoint what it is that most traders need when automatic trading. In the fall of 2018, Cryptohopper got a new look and added one of the best features to date: the strategy marketplace. This opened a whole new opportunity for traders looking to sell their services via Cyptohopper. To this date, 100k users have hopped with us from around the world. A pivotal moment for the trading platform. 

Our vision 

Lookig ahead, we strive make trading easier to learn for those who want to learn and to reward those of you for sharing knowledge. We want to continue complimenting the overarching mission of cryptocurrencies: giving people the freedom and agency to control their own finances. Run your own game, take your own risks and automate the simple parts of your trading so that you can focus on the important things in life. 

Happy Hopping! 

The Cryptohopper Team