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Q&A with a Crypto Signal Group: Blade Runner Signals

Q and A with BladeRunner to discuss the intelligent algorithms driving the buy/sell signals for our hoppers.

If you’ve ever used Cryptohopper, you might know that you can let your hopper auto-trade under the command of two options. Either configure your own trading strategy, or subscribe to a crypto signaler.

Whilst most people just accept signals as a miraculous command from the cloud, most don’t know how they actually work, or, who’s doing the work. Signalers are actually teams of analysts working hard to provide users with buy or sell orders. These are usually highly capable analysts backed by intelligent algorithms to make accurate predictions on rising coins.To unveil the mysteries behind crypto signals groups, we’ve decided to launch a this new blog series: Q&A with a Crypto Signal Group.

For this article, we’ve interviewed the signaler Thanasis, who runs Blade Runner Signals. Thanasis is a top performing signaler, operating in Greece, and has over 40 years of trading experience.

When did you get into analyzing Cryptocurrencies?

Although I got into cryptocurrencies during 2012, my involvement with trading, analysis, and signaling begun in the 70's. I am a physicist with an MSc in Stochastic Signal Analysis and Cybernetics since this decade. Besides I am an officer in an investment Bank in my country.

You're from Greece right? If so, how is the crypto community out there? how did the economic crisis affect the rise of crypto, or your relationship with cryptocurrencies?

Yes, indeed I am Greek. What a wonderful country! The majority of the people in the country are not interested in cryptos except a few. The crisis was not a motive for the people to begin their involvement with cryptos. My involvement with crypto didn't begin due to the crisis but as an astonishing new world which I would like to concur.

How many people are working in your team?

Mainly it's me. Besides, there are 2-3 scientific advisors specialized in the Stochastic Signal analysis.

How do you ensure a level of certainty/quality for your buy signals?

There are about 40 years of trading experience, all the training algorithms have been examined during these decades, not only in cryptos but also in the stock market etc. with great results.

Could you tell me a bit about the technology your applying? (machine learning, algorithms) Did you create everything yourself?

Signal filtering, mainly Kalman filtering and Levinson predicting algorithms. These are the best tools in Stochastic Signal processing. These tools are useful especially when the trading concerns too many pairs simultaneously because then the effectiveness of these algorithms can be shown on the average despite some faults to one pair or another. When the trading concerns a few pairs only, where even the minimum faults are critical, then I prefer to apply technical analysis using indicators that are mainly designed by myself.

I see that you provide signals in the middle of the night sometimes, and I assume you’re not an insomniac, so which aspects of your signaling are automated, and which parts are run manually?

The vast majority of my signals are automatically generated by sophisticated algorithms designed by me.

Roughly how many variables do you have to take into account when predicting the future rise of a coin? (News, twitter, specific indicators?)

I consider many critical parameters referring to the underlying scientific Stochastic Signal analysis, preferring to ignore external variables from the signal itself (Twitter, news, etc.). And this is because I prefer the reality of the signal to speak itself, predicting its future from its intrinsic variables and not by the external ones.

Do you have any advice for users to maximize the impact of your Signals?

My signals are not only Buying signals but also Selling signals. This means that somebody can buy according to a Buy signal and then – instead of waiting to exit with a take profit option – to remain bought until the corresponding Sell signal appears by me, which means it is time to exit or even better it's time to Short. I think this is the best approach to exploit my trading signal factory.

What is your advice to new traders getting into crypto?

Learn, learn, learn. Read technical analysis and trading strategies.

What do you think are the current problems with crypto markets right now that need to be fixed before it goes completely mainstream?

The main problem with cryptos is that currently they are not accepted as a payment tool. The majority of the crypto community is concerned about how high the price will rise, but this is not a real reason for the cryptos to become completely mainstream. As soon as the merchants are going to sell their products not only with fiat but also with cryptos, cryptos will become mainstream.

What's your personal favorite coin and why?

BTC, because this is the king not only during the bullish periods but also during the bearish ones.

Where do you see crypto markets in 10 years?

The long-term cycle of crypto lasts for 4 years. 1 year of a major fall of 80-90%, the next 1 year of stability, another 1 year for making the break-even and 1 more year for bringing the price 10 times higher than what the price was before the fall of the first year. In these 10 years that you are asking me, there are about 2 of these 4-year cycles. So, we have to expect the price to rise 10 x 10 = 100 times higher than it is today.

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