Become an affiliate and have a chance at winning 1000 dollars

If you haven’t already joined our affiliate program, Become an affiliate here!

Today our team has launched a competition for our affiliates/partners

The rules are as follows:

We will begin to track affiliate signups from 0 for each paying new user you bring in. The affiliate with the most affiliate commission wins!

1st place receives 1000 USD on top of their affiliate bonus!


2nd place, 500 USD on top of their affiliate bonus


3rd place, 250 USD on top of their affiliate bonus


The competition will start at 15:00pm GMT, 14 August and end on 00:00 GMT Thursday the 13th of September.


Are you already an affiliate? Request a new account under “my account” in affiliates to easily track new signups from scratch for the competition.

Best of luck and Happy Hopping!