Cryptohopper is excited to announce a partnership with Cointracking, one of the first Tax Reporting solutions for cryptocurrencies.


Filing taxes related to crypto can be a hassle worldwide as regulations differ in every country. With Cointracking's services, you can quickly determine what taxation methods must be applied. Additionally, you can quickly calculate your realized and unrealized gains.

This Roll Forward report provides the detailed asset data that you require for financial statements, tax reporting, and period closing. It includes the start and end balances for all assets and valuation movements, as well as any new asset purchase and sell during the reporting period.


Cryptohopper is an automated trading bot allowing users to take advantage of trading opportunities with unrivaled ease 24/7. The modern-day trader usually has an on-the-go lifestyle, a career, responsibilities, and, therefore, less time to trade. Automated trading accommodates these attributes and allows you to build your strategy with the built-in strategy designer, connect with TradingView, or subscribe to Signalers so that the trading bot can trade on your behalf. Users can now automatically buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies and use features like trailing stop-loss, copy trading, and automated strategy execution thanks to the listing.

There are 2 additional bot types on Cryptohopper next to the automated spot trading bot, these are the Market Making and Arbitrage bots. These new bots are gaining momentum in the space, which is why Cryptohopper is noted as the world’s leading crypto trading bot.

Additional benefits

Cryptohopper users can check out Cryptohopper’s Loyalty Program and discover special promotions for Cointracking.