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Streamlining crypto commerce for merchants and their customers

May 12, 2021 3 min read
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With that, we’re always listening to our merchants in order to build better products to help meet their needs, and we’re excited to highlight the latest updates we’ve made to enable streamlined transactions and workflows for managing and accepting cryptocurrency.

Enhanced transaction reports

Coinbase Commerce recently introduced enhanced transaction reports that now include more detailed information to help streamline merchants’ accounting and business needs. Customizable reports — by date range and transaction type — help merchants analyze and optimize their business and workflows.

“The new customizable reporting that Coinbase Commerce rolled out will be integral to Dapper’s reconciliation needs as our transaction volume continues to increase,” said Rena Park, Business Analyst at Dapper Labs, a leading platform for blockchain-based games and experiences. “Coinbase Commerce has gone above and beyond to help with refining our reporting practices.”

Easy invoicing

Coinbase Commerce now offers the option to create invoices that can easily be sent to customers, who can then pay those invoices seamlessly with any cryptocurrencies that are enabled.

“The invoicing capabilities that Coinbase Commerce began offering at the end of last year has greatly streamlined our crypto payment process,” said Todd Garland, founder and CEO of buysellads, a company that builds advertising solutions for publishers and marketers. “We’re able to offer our customers the option to pay in crypto as seamlessly and easily as any other form of payment.”

Streamlined check-outs

Payments made to merchants in cryptocurrency are fast and secure, and we’re working to make them just as simple. We’ve streamlined the Coinbase Commerce check-out flow for more consistency and ease of use for both merchants and their customers. In doing so, Coinbase Commerce merchants have seen checkout conversions increase by 22% since it launched in the first quarter of this year.

We’re excited by the enhancements and new capabilities that we’ve enabled in the last few months, and we’re just getting started. Have feedback or comments for Coinbase Commerce? Let us know here.

Learn more by visiting our help center.

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