Coinbase helps public funds and ETFs around the world with trading and custody

May 5, 2021 2 min read
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Serving a global client base across multiple sectors, Coinbase Institutional provides a full range of trading services and custody for new public funds and approved bitcoin ETFs.

Coinbase Institutional has become one of the most trusted, safe and regulated centers for the cryptoeconomy. Offering access to over 10 pools of liquidity globally, including regulated exchanges and electronic market makers on an agency basis, giving users the ability to trade directly, through our OTC desk or algorithmically, Coinbase Institutional has become one of the leading provider for companies like Grayscale, Wisdom Tree, Purpose Investments, Ninepoint and many more.

Our recently released Global Fund Management Report provides a broad overview of the crypto fund landscape, including the latest updates on regulatory changes and product trends. Coinbase has witnessed an increase in crypto fund activity to meet demand from investors seeking crypto exposure without buying, holding, and selling these assets directly. Our report shares clients’ insights on managing crypto investment products with our secure custody, advanced trading platform, and 24/7 support. Read our full report here.

“There is incredible potential for financial institutions who are expanding access to the cryptoeconomy through these fund structures,” said Brett Tejpaul, Head of Institutional Sales, Trading, Custody and Prime Service. “We are excited to partner with these clients as public interest and demand for these offerings grows.”

To learn more about Coinbase Prime Broker or Coinbase’s white label brokerage services, custody, or OTC trading, click here.

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