#Broker Superstar Program: Meet the 5 Quarterly Superstars

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Over the past three months, the Monthly and Quarterly Broker Superstar Program has brought together some of the best crypto brokers — competing to win $5,000 in BUSD each month.

The event has attracted over 400 participating broker teams. It was thrilling to have teams from different backgrounds and experiences testing their trading skills.

Let’s get to know the Binance Broker Superstars from December to February.

Quarterly Binance Broker Superstar Winners

1. Finsoft

Finsoft, known by their platform name CScalp, is the free-of-charge platform for active trading.

2. Endo Tech

EndoTech.io is the ultimate SaaS solution for automated algorithmic trading.

EndoTech provides retail investors direct access to advanced AI technologies used in top hedge funds.

3. Tiger.Trade

Tiger.Trade’s dedicated trading terminal is a universal tool that lets you execute trades on multiple exchanges in one customizable workspace.

4. Finandy

Finandy is a platform that covers all modern trading directions; from trading terminals with the widest functions for personal trading and algorithmic trading with bots, to TradingView signals and copy-trading solutions for corporate teams. Finandy has got it all.

5. Nice Bot

Nice Bot leverages a professional team with a group of outstanding local and international quantitative investment talents.

As we conclude the first quarter of the program, we interviewed the top five teams to learn the secrets to their success. Specifically, we learned about their strategies and approach to trading. Giving you an insight into how they work and thrive in the crypto trading space.

So, without further ado, here are four pieces of advice shared by the superstar event’s top broker teams.

1. Develop A Strategy That Works For You

Each broker offers unique strategies that match different risk tolerance and time horizons. All successful teams have their own approach to analyzing the markets.

EndoTech, which primarily uses automated trading strategies to trade different assets with different risk profiles. They range from BTC and ETH to other top coins and have varying degrees of risk and leverage.

NiceBot, another team we spoke to, likes to utilize a few different strategies, such as hedging for futures trading, an arbitrage strategy or buying the dip.

Finandy, prefers to segment for diverse trading sectors. This allows them to flexibly navigate the market by utilizing a range of trade signals and methods to get the best results. For example, when it comes to algorithmic trading they use bots and TradingView signals to increase their chances of success. In contrast, when  it comes to corporate trading they utilize the copy trading method to potentially make more effective trades.

With that being said, it’s essential to find an approach that fits your risk tolerance. A good strategy is about having a proper plan in place before taking action. With time, you can build confidence based on the results of the strategy you are testing. ost experienced traders will agree that including risk management is one of the main pillars of your strategy.

2. Learn How To Manage Risks

Our top teams have also emphasized the importance of risk control. In essence, risk management can help traders reduce outsized losses, and protect them from losing a big portion of their capital in one trade.

Finandy, Finsoft, and Nice Bot are all firm believers in risk management. Finandy also stressed that there might be a “multitude of entry possibilities in a market, but there’s only one opportunity to exit”.

3. Leverage Technology

Leveraging technology in a fast-paced environment like the crypto space can help optimize efficiency and ensure that your strategies are executed promptly while eliminating human error. After all, an opportunity may appear in front of you in a split second.

Both Finsoft and Tiger.Trade provide dedicated trading terminals to help make trading more comfortable. Finsoft’s platform, CScalp, has a dynamic DOM interface that quickly allows users to understand what's going on in the market . Additionally, CScalp also features risk management tools such as a risk calculator and PnL bar.

Tiger.Trade’s key feature is their terminal loading speed, with high speed price data loading  little strain on the CPU, allowing comfortable decision-making and trading.

The benefit of leveraging technology for your trades is that once the parameters are set, you don’t have to spend much time monitoring the markets.

4. Trading on Binance

In our interviews, our broker teams discussed their trading experience with Binance and how Binance helped them succeed. They emphasized the importance of a safe, secure, and industry-leading trading platform, which Binance consistently provides.

Finsoft and Tiger.Trade both agree that the most attractive aspects of Binance are the user-friendly platform, feature-rich API, and low fees. Additionally, EndoTech found Binance’s critical execution capability unparalleled. The team said that it minimized slippage and allowed them and their users to receive automated trading signals instantaneously.

Moreover, Finsoft and Finandy mentioned that the extensive crypto futures offering on Binance Futures was one of their favorite features, providing them more opportunities to achieve impressive results.


We would like to give a big thank-you to all brokers for participating! Your commitment to Binance is evident in the passion and hard work you've all put into this competition.

We will continue to provide the best service and products for our brokers, and we look forward to seeing you all at the next Broker event!

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