Bitcoin Halving Happens This Week: HTX Liquid Restaking with New Momentum Fuels Your Crypto Growth

Apr 19, 2024 3 min read
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Bitcoin halving is a crucial event pre-programmed in the Bitcoin protocol that occurs approximately every four years. It entails a 50% cut in the mining rewards used for validating transactions and adding new blocks, leading to a significant decrease in the production rate of new Bitcoins. This mechanism aims to counteract Bitcoin’s inflation, maintain its scarcity as well as ensure the integrity of the decentralized network.

The deceleration of Bitcoin’s production will have a profound impact on market dynamics and investor strategies. Consequently, investors are seeking alternative avenues to maximize their returns. HTX steps up with a powerful event: Liquid Restaking. This innovative solution simplifies your entry into the restaking sector, allowing you to effortlessly earn rewards on your crypto assets by sharing the event’s 100M USDT quota without locking up your funds.

HTX Liquid Restaking Event: High Value, Free Claims, No Lockup, Great Flexibility

For long-term crypto holders, holding assets on the HTX platform (whether in Spot or Futures accounts) will offer you an opportunity to maximize returns by participating in the HTX Liquid Restaking event. Why HTX? Let’s delve into the exchange’s unique advantages in restaking:

● Competitive Restaking Rewards: Enjoy eye-popping rewards that boost your overall crypto holdings if you join HTX Liquid Restaking and accumulate a share of the quota.

● Enhanced Security: HTX always prioritizes asset security and has implemented robust measures to protect users’ funds and personal information.

● User-friendly Interface: HTX offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to engage in Liquid Restaking and other operations.

New Feature of HTX Liquid Restaking: Team Up for Bigger Wins!

HTX Liquid Restaking offers holders a dynamic way to earn rewards. Participation is straightforward—holders need to have a balance of over 1 USD equivalent of BTC, ETH, USDT, $HTX, or TRX in their HTX accounts and click “Enable All” on the event page to start gaining rewards. Currently, HTX introduced a new feature to the event: team play!

● Increasing Engagement: Users can enlarge their earnings by raising their spot holdings and futures positions on HTX.

● Team Collaboration: Building up or joining teams will get a boost to maximize rewards and enhance the overall experience of the event.

● Team Support: HTX launches various incentives to encourage active participation, including rewards, incentives, and exclusive benefits for outstanding teams and individuals.

Following $20B Smart Money to Grab Airdrops: First Wave of Reward Redemption Will Be Live by April

The excitement surrounding restaking continues, with TVL hitting over $20 billion. HTX Liquid Restaking, gaining momentum as the track develops, is expected to launch the first wave of redeeming rewards by the end of April. This, along with ongoing incentives, will foster the event’s participation and inject new momentum into the community within the HTX ecosystem.

As Bitcoin halving approaches, HTX Liquid Restaking empowers you to capitalize on upcoming shifts in the crypto space, contributing to the industry growth. With its competitive rewards, user-friendly platform, and innovative features, HTX redefines opportunities for wealth creation in the crypto space.

The post first appeared on HTX Square.

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