Change Log: Version 1.48

Jun 22, 2022 1 min read
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Version 1.48


  • Added a total Unrealized P/L section in the Balances widget

  • Added an Unrealized P/L section in the Positions widget

  • Addition of a Bitfinex Alpha link on the main page footer, update its page with new issues’ links and addition of a video to the OpenPayd page

  • Bitfinex Pulse adds a Poll feature


  • Optimization of memory usage for the Chart

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed localisation for time and date selection

  • Fixed Liquidations data information

  • Fixed Positions Share information to include the correct per cent value

  • Fixed Balance selectors to fix small balance filter

The Bitfinex APIs are designed to allow complete access to the features provided by Bitfinex. Learn more about our API documentation here.

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