The DeFi Drop Volume 38

May 20, 2022 2 min read
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Lido, one of the space’s premier platforms for staking ETH and other assets, rushed to provide liquidity incentives to keep one of their products stETH (a token that represents a staked ETH position) pegged to the price of ETH. The stETH-ETH pool is the biggest LP on Curve. ( DeFiant)

The popular music duo The Chainsmokers released their new album “So Far So Good,” which will include a drop of 5,000 NFTs that will let fans share in 1% of the royalties. ( DeCrypt)

Germany’s federal finance ministry (BMF) issued the country’s first guidance on the income tax treatment of cryptocurrencies, as well as other blockchain-based tokens. The sale of acquired cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) is now tax-free for individuals after one year of owning the assets, Parliamentary State Secretary Katja Hessel said in a statement. Moreover, the new guidance also applies to digital assets used in staking or lending protocols. ( DeCrypt)

Brazil’s NuBank just put 1% of its funds into bitcoin. Notably, Warren Buffet, who has historically criticized cryptocurrency, is an investor in NuBank. ( UOL)

A viral TikTok song by two ladies singing about crypto and DeFi has been making  the rounds across social media, and it’s no secret why: it’s a bop. ( TikTok)

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