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Docking Station Template (advanced) - [GAINSCRYPT]

Docking Station Template (advanced) - [GAINSCRYPT]

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[+] Description
Detailed pre-set template. Config pools featuring all Gainscrypt strategies, with at the center Tactical Accumulation. This strategy is designed to get started with config pools and combining types of risk management in order to offer a versatile trading experience. Although it is set up fairly balanced, working with config pools can get complex and is personal - risk comfort, trading style, risk management, budget, etc. This template offers a good starting point for further customization with a selection of coins. Strongly recommended to analyze and customize this template to your own comfort.

[+] Smart DCA
Similar to the Tactical Accumulation template, this template uses 'smart DCA'. Using the auto-merge function and cool-downs it will add 1x per signal (1x, 2x, 3x, 4x) instead of doubling down too fast (1x,2x,4x,8x etc.). The advantage is the ability to add to positions over time, converting previously made profits into projects with high fundamentals. Disadvantage is that for scalping strategies cool-downs will have to be used to prevent buying into coins too fast.

[+] Advantages of spreading risk-type
As DCA is mostly used to decrease average buy-in price for projects with a longer horizon, this technique requires deep pockets / high liquidity. Well, since we are algorithmic traders, we prefer to trade with that liquidity. To ensure liquidity when markets turn sour, it is wise that a part of your automated trading portfolio is managed with stop-losses. This way there is no need to have large stacks of reserve funds to double down all your positions but rather a selection of key projects that you're comfortable holding for a longer period if need be. The advantage of combining DCA and stop-loss with config pools is the ability to trade with full liquidity in a bull market (and not have 'idle' funds') as well as reducing the risk of 'bags'.

[+] Market Dashboard
Check out for key charts to gauge market sentiment, performance & trends.

[+] Config Pools
Tactical Accumulation:
--> In this pool only your favorite crypto's are accumulated that you are willing to hold long term. You're so bullish on them that even when all markets crash you sigh in relief that you can finally buy more on a fire sale. Managed with DCA.
Scalp Hunter:
--> Coins that you select mostly for volatility and for which you are willing to take the extra risk of trading even in down trending markets just to squeeze out additional scalping profits. Managed with stop-loss in down-trends, DCA in uptrends.
Profit Turbine:
Wave Gainer:
Bull Power:
--> Coins that you select for volatility and want to exploit by high-frequency scalping when markets are bullish. DCA or SL optional.

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