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Tactical Accumulation Strategy - [GAINSCRYPT]

Tactical Accumulation Strategy - [GAINSCRYPT]

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[+] Description
Don't know when to buy Bitcoin? Or Ethereum, ADA or other top crypto's? And when to sell..?
This strategy has you covered by using 'Smart DCA'
Strategy is designed to accumulate projects with strong fundamentals and a medium to long-term outlook. Will only generate sell signals around overbought markets/blow-off tops. Therefore leave sell-signals on. Trailing stop-loss on default template is off, otherwise should be set very loose (arm 50, trailing 10) as you want to capture BIG positions. However this strategy can also be used as a swingtrader.
Expect fewer signals in a bull run (only at local dips), and multiple signals per week during elongated oversold marketdips.
This strategy helps you accumulate good projects against a low average income price by allocating a small percentage of your liquidity at each dip. It does so by 'auto-merge' and therefore is able to gradually add to your position.
*Pro-tip: use a scalping/daytrader strategy in your main config ( for example: )
Set this strategy in a separate config pool. Your hopper will be daytrading as well as converting the scalp profits into your favorite coins. Alternatively this strategy also can be used for swing trading, or as A.I. plug-in. Works with all subscriptions.
[+] Base Currencies
[+] Recommended Items
This strategy is designed for the " Tactical Accumulation TEMPLATE":
[+] Updates & Testing
Backtested intensively on large marketcap coings e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and BNB.
For back-testing results, please refer to the Discord link below.
[+] Risk Management
Low risk when used with projects with high fundamentals and long-term outlook. DCA as back-up. Fundamental knowledge on selected coins required and own responsibility.
[+] Support
Ratings, reviews, feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.
[+] Disclaimer
All created strategies and templates presented by Gainscrypt are designed for optimal profit. However, trading is risky. Always perform your own research, risk assessment and trade responsibly.

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