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Ghost Scalper Sniper

Ghost Scalper Sniper

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Ghost Crypto

Ghost Crypto

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**This is compatible in a trigger-based switching set up with our other products.
If you'd like to join our community and get to know us, please drop by our Discord server at: and visit us at
Versatile scalping strategy from the team at Ghost Crypto.
Don't be caught stuck in the market holding losses. With a conservative buy rate, nice profit/loss ratio, and a low average hold time; Scalper Sniper has you covered.
Risk: Medium
Suggested hopper: any!
May 2021 - Sell by Strategy Enabled; Profit 18.50%; 424/76 successful/failed sells; 1 hour average hold.
June 2021 - Sell by Strategy Enabled; Profit 10.41%; 369/91 successful/failed sells; 2 hour average hold.
July 2021 - Sell by Strategy Enabled; Profit 10.86%; 384/110 successful;/failed sells; 2 hour average hold.
***This now supports sell by strategy as a an OPTIONAL risk management feature. Think of this as a dynamic stop-loss.
*Always conduct your own backtests and run on a paper hopper before running live!
Note: We recommend/test on Binance using a base currency of USDT.
Complementary template here:
OPTIONAL: Advanced switching configurations here:
Ghost Template Switcher - Bull Scalper > Scalper Sniper
Ghost Template Switcher - Scalper Sniper > Bull Scalper
***Switching requires Ghost Bull Scalper:
***This is compatible in an AI or trigger-based switching set up with our other products.
About us
Small team of traders who have joined together to provide realistic strategies with no false promises. We want to empower traders to use CryptoHopper!
A few key principles of ours in relation to scalping include:
1. Number of buys is not important to us for our scalping strategies.
2. We measure our scalping strategies by looking at successful sells vs sells with loss and average holding time.
3. When we have a strategy with an excellent success:fail ratio and a low average hold time, we are happy.
The Ghost Crypto Team

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