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Template of Killer Whale Gain BTC Binance

Template of Killer Whale Gain BTC Binance

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Killer Whale Algorithmic Intelligence Template for Gain BTC Strategy:

Download this Killer Whale Template to use BTC as your base currency.

Killer Whale Algorithmic Intelligence Strategy Gain BTC:
Incredible volatility is what this strategy thrives on. We use DCA and Shorting settings to continuously participate in top market pairs to Gain BTC. When an assets price is dropping in comparison to BTC the DCA settings will average your cost down. This strategy is also equipped with a robust sell strategy to enter into short positions once an assets price has outpaced BTC or has a strategic play on gaining more of the original asset for the next round of price action.

Risk Level: Some, Moderate, Medium, Medium-High

What to Expect From This Product:
Quality position averaging via DCA and precise spot position shorting.

Check out Our Website:

Our Killer Whale website offers many great features!
- Killer Whale Product Tool:
- Killer Whale Articles:
- Killer Whale Trading and Setup Videos:

Visit Our Discord Server:

Killer Whale’s Discord Offers:
- You MUST follow on Discord for our Help and Support Desks
- One-on-one help with all Killer Whale products
- Detailed settings for all Killer Whale products
- A friendly pod of like minded Killer Whale user chats for all strategies

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