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Bear Star - Template

Bear Star - Template

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Template for Bear Star strategy.

This template is built for merging. This is an easy way for even cheaper bots to make money. You buy until it’s sold by investing small amounts in coins and averaging down your entry positions if needed.

Reserve for at least 3x the initial buy amount for each coin and make it run. Bear Star is buying market dips which is known to be a safer buying area, failed trades are easily fixable in oversold areas.
Bear Star is picky at trading, that’s good for this trading style where you really want to snipe those trades in the best possible moments.

The template has the best 45 selected coins.
You should calculate how much you can afford and check the examples below.
On this strategy, I would recommend trading as many coins as you can, as long as you can afford at least x3 merges (dca buys) for each coin.
(info might be outdated, but settings in template are up to date - you can trade more AGGRESSIVE in BULL market and buy positions with bigger buy amounts)

For a guide visit website and use the calculator there.

1000$ balance bot. Calculating in $. Using 11,12,15,20 $ initial buys, because 10$ is usually the minimum possible amount to buy cryptocurrencies on the exchanges.

12$ a coin x 10 merges x 10 coins = 1200 $
12$ a coin x 5 merges x 30 coins = 1800$

Template default settings with 35 coins =
35 coins x 0.6% balance buys x 5 merges = 105% of balance needed which is fine, you can go a bit over your total trading balance (100%).

(Kucoin) 5$ x6 merges x 50 coins = 1500$

Kucoin is a good exchange for DCA trading as it allows as little as 0.5$ buys on the markets. Binance only 10$+.

Do your math and make a nice earning bot, risk-reward ratio is the most important part here.

The high success rate of this strategy usually sells on the first buy, if they don’t you start merging them until it’s sold. You fix bad trades pretty fast on average of 2 merges. You will rarely see over 5 merges on this strategy.

On Cryptohopper merging happens once you hold 2 of the same positions (same coin) in your dashboard.
So, if you are trading 20 coins allow your bot to use 10 or more free open positions (30). (also set maximum percentage open position per coin to always be 2). Check the website page please, it's easy explainable there in the pictures.

For more info visit:
Community Discord:



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