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IAG | AI Build | Template

IAG | AI Build | Template

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IAG - I Am Geek
This template is ONLY to be used for building your own AI Strategy.
Exchange: Any
Quote Currency: Any

AI Strategy (aka IAG AI Frigate) requirements.

- This Base Config Template

- All IAG Strategies

- Hero Hopper

- AI Strategy Config:

Buy/Sell Signal Settings.

• Validate signals after X time: 3 Days

• Minimum percent change buy signal: 4

• Minimum percent change sell signal: 2

Market Trend Settings.

• Maximum percent change neutral: 3

• Minimum percent change uptrend: 2

• Minimum percent change downtrend: 2

• Moving average for trend: EMA

• Moving average period: 7

Other Settings.

• Maximum score for neutral signals: 1

Configuration Suggestions:

• This AI also provides sell signals. It is recommended to disable Strategy sell signals.

• Instead of Stop-Loss, use the DCA feature.

• Use Trailing Stop Loss.

• Only choose coins you believe in. If you are a risk-taker, then choose to allow all coins.

Base Configuration Buy amount to work with DCA settings:

• Max open positions 12 - Set percentage buy amount at 2.5%

• Max open positions 15 - Set percentage buy amount at 2%

• Max open positions 40 - Set percentage buy amount at 0.75%

• Max open positions 50 - Set percentage buy amount at 0.6%

• Max open positions 200 - Set percentage buy amount at 0.15%

• Max open positions 500 - Set percentage buy amount at 0.06%

Strategies required for AI:

• IAG TrendMaster AI Trend:

• IAG Day Trading Strategy:

• IAG DCA Builder:

• IAG Grid Trading Strategy:

• IAG Short Trading Strategy:

• IAG Smart Rebalance Strategy:

• IAG Swing Trading Strategy:

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