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IAG | Cryptocurrencies | AI Signal | Template

IAG | Cryptocurrencies | AI Signal | Template

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I Am Geek

I Am Geek

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IAG - I Am Geek
This template is to be used with IAG AI Signal

*NB: This Signal provides sell Signals. Sell Signals can sometimes sell at a loss. Depending on your risk profile you can choose to use it or not. For the least amount of risk DO NOT ENABLE "SELL SIGNALS”.

Configuration Suggestions:
Instead of Stop-Loss, rather make use of the DCA feature.
Use Trailing Stop Loss
Only choose coins you believe in. Risk-taker then choose to allow all coins.

Base Configuration Buy amount to work with DCA settings:
Percentage Buy amounts:
Max open positions 55 - Set percentage buy amount at 0,545%
Only allow 1 position per Asset.

Signal Link:

Contact us via email
CryptoHopper Exclusive.
Warning! Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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