The advantages of using multiple time frames

Have you ever wondered why there are so many time frames available on different exchanges and on Cryptohopper? Well today we will have a look at the different trading time frames and learn how you can profit from them.

13 Mar 20


Trade the Ichimoku Cloud like a pro

Just with a single look at the chart, the Ichimoku Cloud helps you to pinpoint what the current trend is. But not only that, in this blog we will explore all the different ways in which you can profit from this interesting indicator. Trend reversals, supports and resistances are the main factors that the indicator can easily spot.

06 Mar 20


Exchange arbitrage: How big are price differences across exchanges?

Imagine that the most wonderful time of the year has just arrived, it’s vacation time. You stuff all the summer clothes in your luggage to hop on that 10 hours flight that will take you to a hidden tropical paradise. Once you are all settled, you start realizing how cheap the surfboards are in comparison to your hometown. Then, dollar signs appear in your eyes. You just had a brilliant idea, it’s called Arbitrage.

25 Feb 20


Who Hopped the Highest - Trading Contest OKEx

In order to celebrate the successful launch of OKEx. Cryptohopper and OKEx jointly hold a contest with up to 10000 USDT as reward to all traders who execute trades on OKEx via Cryptohopper.

13 Feb 20


Top 10 Stablecoins

Stable coins are cryptocurrencies that are pegged to another type of asset. These assets range amongst normal currencies or commodities. The US dollar, gold or silver are some of the commonly used types of altcoins.

11 Feb 20


What Are Altcoins?

If you have started your crypto journey, probably you have already heard about the term altcoin. But, do you really know about them? It’s a deeper concept than you expected.

04 Feb 20


Bitcoin Halving Explained

Every crypto trader and hodler has been eagerly waiting for 2020. All the hopes of seeing new heights for most of the cryptocurrencies are put in the greatest event of the year, the third Bitcoin halving in history.

29 Jan 20


Let Your Automated Strategy Trade For You

At Cryptohopper, we believe in making the complex simple. Making advanced trading methods accessible for everyone comes hand in hand with the main purpose of cryptocurrency: empowering normal people to do great things.

23 Jan 20


How To Improve Your Results With Triggers

What are triggers? Triggers are ideal to incorporate to your strategy more functions that, for sure, will allow you to improve your results. It is a function that lets you to automatically perform certain actions once a specific event has taken place. 

16 Jan 20


Paper trading: A Must For Success In Trading

Ever talked to a non-trader and asked them if they wanted to invest? The vast majority of them will say something along the lines of “No, I don’t know how” or “No, I don’t think I want to risk losing my money on something I can’t control”. This has changed with Cryptohopper’s paper trading.

07 Jan 20


Cryptohopper Wishes You Happy Holidays!

On this special date, Cryptohopper would like to thank you for letting us accompany you along this great crypto adventure.

22 Dec 19


New Partnership Enables Keyless Algo-Trading on Crypto Exchanges

Cryptohopper teams up with Tide Foundation to enable unprecedented advanced cryptocurrency trading capabilities without compromising security.

20 Dec 19


15 Must Read Tips For New Users

Cryptohopper is the crypto trading platform where you are able to automate every single aspect of your trading, so you can devote your time to the important things in life. 

17 Dec 19

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