Trading With Bitcoin As Base Currency

Although trading against Fiat pairs is now widely available in the Crypto world, there are still many traders who prefer to trade against BTC instead. Today we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using BTC as the base currency, as well as how to identify when trading against BTC is profitable.

29 May 20


Important Pro-Tips To Know When Creating An Automated Trading System

In this blog, we will analyze the most critical aspects of an automated trading system. Generally, creating a successful automated trading system is very similar to creating a successful manual trading system. It is essential to have the right strategy and settings for your trading system to be successful.

20 May 20


The Bitcoin halving

With the halving only a few hours away, it is only right that we give some thought on the most critical event in the Crypto space!

11 May 20


Perfect Your Trading With Triggers

Triggers are an important feature of your hopper. Triggers can be used for a variety of different purposes, such as making sure we are only trading with the trend, or not buying when the general market is overbought, protecting ourselves from crashes and even from pumps. We will now continue by looking at how to set up different triggers and take your trading to the next level!

07 May 20


The Early Signs Of Reversal For Bitcoin, S&P 500, And Gold

Global markets have had a period of unprecedented volatility ever since the Coronavirus crisis started. In the previous blog we explored the behavior of BTC, S&P 500 and Gold amid the crisis:

24 Apr 20


Introducing, Our New Pioneer Package.

We have great news that we would like to share with you.

14 Apr 20


Easter sale!

It's Easter again. These are crazy times for all of us, especially those who usually celebrate Easter and are used to being with their relatives.

08 Apr 20


HitBTC now available on Cryptohopper!

Cryptohopper supports HitBTC! HitBTC is one of the oldest well-known crypto exchanges in the world.

06 Apr 20


I want you, for Team Cryptohopper in the Binance trading contest!

I want you, for Team Cryptohopper in the Binance trading contest!
On the 10th of April starts the biggest future trading contest on Binance, and your fellow Hoppers are joining!

06 Apr 20


Coronavirus And Its Effects on Bitcoin, S&P 500, And Gold

Global markets have entered a period of increased volatility and bearish sentiment, ever since the Coronavirus situation worsened. Today we will look and measure Corona’s effects on Bitcoin, the Stock market (S&P 500), and Gold. We will analyze these effects using both technical and fundamental analysis. In the next blog, we will give showcase signs which may indicate that the markets are starting to recover.

02 Apr 20


Trade on Cryptohopper and get 10 USDT on OKEx

Promotion Period: 10:00 30th March until 24:00 12th April 2019 (UTC)

30 Mar 20


What was the first crypto exchange?

Whether we are talking about crypto, stocks or commodities, everything has to start somewhere. Today we will find out what the first cryptocurrency exchange was, when and how it was created!

20 Mar 20


The advantages of using multiple time frames

Have you ever wondered why there are so many time frames available on different exchanges and on Cryptohopper? Well today we will have a look at the different trading time frames and learn how you can profit from them.

13 Mar 20

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