What are KYC and AML, and Why Do They Matter in Crypto?

Financial service providers such as crypto exchanges and trading platforms face significant pressure to fight illicit activities related to transfers of fiat currencies and digital assets. Enter Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML). KYC and AML are regulatory requirements that safeguard customers’ information and funds within exchanges, wallets, and service providers.

13 Oct 21


What are NFT Games?

NFT games have created a new buzz in the crypto and blockchain space. Play-to-earn models evolved from the early-stage NFTs like CryptoKitties. By integrating finance with the gaming industry, a whole new space, known as Game-Fi, is providing opportunities to earn income by playing games.

05 Oct 21


What is the Metaverse?

Technological innovations and developments are connecting distinct aspects of the financial, virtual, and physical worlds. We can access anything we want just within a few clicks on our devices. The crypto and blockchain ecosystem is a unique and disruptive space. Blockchain games, NFTs, and crypto payments all share in the development of what we call the “metaverse”. But what is the metaverse, and how does crypto fit into this concept? Let’s take a look.

29 Sep 21


How to Secure Your Account from Cyber Attacks

Over the past decade, blockchain-based cryptocurrencies have significantly altered the payment ecosystem.

However, cryptocurrencies with their rapid growth are not completely hack-proof.

22 Sep 21


EXMO Partners with Cryptohopper to Provide Users With Utmost trading experience

18.08.2021 – EXMO exchange enters into agreement with Cryptohopper to provide clients with automated tools for trading that require no special coding skills.

15 Sep 21


How Can Businesses Leverage Blockchain to Optimize Operations?

Blockchain based technology was thrust into the spotlight in 2008 after the introduction of the Bitcoin white paper by the anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto. Since that time blockchain has grown increasingly popular among business leaders, enthusiasts, and developers looking towards the future.

15 Sep 21


Tools and Practices to Calculate Cryptocurrency Profits

Best practices and helpful tools for calculating the profits from your cryptocurrency investments.

09 Sep 21


How to Measure the Crypto Greed and Fear Index

A good investor will search for supportive data when making decisions about buying or selling cryptocurrencies. There are various market indicators to look at and understand the market sentiments.

01 Sep 21


How to Create Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Sell on NFT Marketplace Platforms

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are growing in popularity due to several reasons. They have gained significant traction; proponents of NFTs believe that they will change the face of digital content. The rate of NFT creation, as well as rate of sale, is rising rapidly.

25 Aug 21


How to Create Passive Income Using Cryptocurrency Bots?

Decoding the benefits of crypto trading bots and how to use them to generate passive income.

18 Aug 21


Trading bot Cryptohopper appoints experienced CFO Eli van Goudoever to target major investment and growth

  • Eli van Goudoever brings track record of multi-million dollar and Euro investment
  • Cryptohopper CEO Ruud Feltkamp seeks rapid expansion over next 12 months

13 Aug 21


A Deep Dive into Bid-Ask Spread and Slippage

Market prices vary due to a number of factors while trading on crypto exchanges. In addition to the price of an asset, trading volume, market liquidity, and order types are important factors to consider while trading. Because of these multiple factors, you might not always get the price you want for trade.

11 Aug 21


How to Build a Diversified Crypto Portfolio

Diversifying a cryptocurrency portfolio based on the use-cases of different digital assets.

04 Aug 21

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