Bitcoin Has Never Done This since November 2020

Bitcoin (BTC) has headed into record-high prices, but the upside potential is only at an early stage of the next jump. According to a pattern not seen since November 2020, BTC's price should experience a bull run that can add a further 221% from the current price.

15 Nov 21


Solana Climbs Up the Stairs to a New all-Time High?

Solana (SOL) has been slowly and steadily moving to the upside like it is climbing a staircase. The staircase effect is an easy way to make sense of the technical picture, and it provides clear support and resistance levels to better time the market.

12 Nov 21


How to Trade Inside Bars in the Crypto Market

The inside bar is a two candlestick reversal or continuation chart pattern showing a period of market consolidation. When the inside bar pattern develops at the end of a trend, it can signal a trend reversal. At the same time, if it develops in the middle of the trend, it can potentially signal a trend continuation.

10 Nov 21


What are Crypto Derivatives?

The crypto derivatives market has exploded over the past couple of years, ever since the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) and CBOE (Chicago Boards Options Exchange) launched Bitcoin Futures in 2017.

10 Nov 21


ETH Is Following Bitcoin’s Footsteps, Large Price Increase Incoming!

Ethereum (ETH) has followed in the footstep of its bigger brother Bitcoin making a new all-time high at $4,668. However, it's not just the fact that ETH's price reached a new all-time high that makes it follow in Bitcoin's footsteps, but the current rally can be labeled as an Elliott Wave zigzag pattern just like Bitcoin's price structure.

09 Nov 21


Cryptocurrency Exchange HitBTC in 2021

Founded in 2013, HitBTC is often referred to as one of the most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform claims to focus on security and strives to provide the ultimate user experience, boasting hundreds of thousands of satisfied users.

05 Nov 21


Where will Sandbox Peak?

Since its inception, Sandbox's (SAND) price has moved in a bullish Elliott Wave sequence. Right now, we have reached uncharted technical territory, which is making it harder to find a possible peak for the current rally. Nonetheless, you can find our predictions below!

05 Nov 21


Trading Candlestick Patterns the Right Way

In technical analysis, a candlestick pattern is a movement in prices shown graphically on a candlestick chart which traders use to predict a particular market movement.

04 Nov 21


The Debut of Bitcoin ETF: What it is and Why it Matters

The Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a big deal - many believe that it can unlock the floodgates to large investments by institutional investors. The Winklevoss brothers first filed for a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund around eight years back, which was turned down by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2017, so this has been a long time coming.

03 Nov 21


What will be Decentraland’s 2021 Peak?

Decentraland (MANA), one of the top-performing cryptocurrencies over the past 7 days, broke to a new all-time high and set the stage for a possible 5th wave extension.

01 Nov 21


Bitcoin Likely to hit 77k Soon

Based on the Elliott Wave analysis, Bitcoin’s (BTC) rally from the June low of $28,600 to the current all-time high of $67,016 can be labeled as a zig-zag pattern. According to EW, the zig-zag pattern is formed by 3 waves A-B-C, which can be subdivided as follow:

29 Oct 21


Blockchain Bridges and Interoperability: An Overview

How blockchain bridges help enable interoperability between different networks.

27 Oct 21


Consumer Goods and Services You Can Buy with Bitcoin

From vehicles and real estate to food and clothing - a look at the increasing list of things you can purchase with Bitcoin.

20 Oct 21

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