How to set up your Arbitrage bot

To explain arbitrage and what an arbitrage bot is able to do, it is necessary to explain market inefficiencies first. Market inefficiencies are price differences for a specific asset between different marketplaces.

21 Oct 19


What Is A Trading System?

Many traders think that they know what a trading system is. Still, most of them miss several important aspects of the system. A trading system is everything that surrounds the way you trade, a simple and complex term at the same time.

17 Oct 19


The 5 Most Used Technical Indicators And How They Work

Technical analysis is an ancient practice in which traders around the globe try to anticipate the market by doing their own analysis. Frequently, analyses include and are carried out with both technical indicators as well as price action.

14 Oct 19


Cryptohopper Introduces Market Making And Exchange Arbitrage

Cryptohopper launches two brand new types of bots: the Market Maker and Market/Exchange Arbitrage Bot.

11 Oct 19


Cryptocurrency mining - A comprehensive overview

Cryptocurrency mining has been a hot-topic for many crypto-enthousiasts around the globe, but why? and what is it all about? Read it here!

10 Oct 19


Bitcoin Price Cycle 2019

The most capitalized cryptocurrency celebrated its 10th anniversary last January. Ten years since the first block was mined by the mysterious creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

07 Oct 19


Top 5 Risks For Crypto Traders

If every single investment vehicle available in the market would be written down in a catalog, no doubt, the cryptocurrencies section would be the most exciting and risky of it. Trading them on a daily or weekly basis adds a bit more of spice to this combination.

03 Oct 19


What Is A Stop Loss And How To Set It Up

A stop loss is an order that closes negative positions to limit the loss of a trade. In other words, it acts as a life vest, so you don't sink too much under water. They are set below the price for long positions (buys) and above the price for short positions (sells or short-selling), to close the trade when it has lost a specific amount determined by you.

30 Sep 19


Top 10 Crypto Trading Tips 2019

No doubt, trading can be one of the most profitable investment methods. However, you can get wrecked as fast as you can increase the value of your portfolio

23 Sep 19


Integrating Zapier with Cryptohopper

We have launched the beta of our appstore! You can go there by clicking on this section located in the left column of your hopper, you will find several applications that you can use while you have an active subscription.

20 Sep 19


Trade from Trading View to your Hopper

We have great news for users who use TradingView! We have launched the Beta version of our app store. You can expect integrations there, such as the one with TradingView. It is now finally possible to send trades directly from your TradingView to your Hopper.

11 Sep 19


Common Mistakes to Avoid When Day Trading Crypto

For a time after Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, the world's first digital currency was primarily a niche product promulgated by a loyal online following.

02 Sep 19


Crypto Exchanges: A Look Under The Hood

Cryptocurrency exchanges often seem like new exciting ways to trade digital assets. An avenue to generate passive income, invest in up and coming projects and seek alternative financial sectors. But what you need to understand is the building blocks for many of these cryptocurrency platforms actually stem from traditional financial markets.

22 Aug 19