New signalers join the hoppers

Good news everyone! It is almost Easter, so we have prepared a special treat.
we had some inquiries about people who wanted to become full fledged signalers, so we decided to add them in!

30 Mar 18


Cryptohopper goes blogging

Cryptohopper decided to put their focus on blogging to stay in touch.
We decided to no longer use the changelog features of Headwayapp

28 Mar 18


Kucoin added to Cryptohopper

Cryptohopper is proud to welcome Kucoin as an officially supported exchange.
Cryptohopper has always thrived on user suggestions and requests. Recently, Kucoin got suggested/asked a whole lot, so we decided to add them as a supported exchange to our Hopper.

27 Mar 18


Our statement on the recent database migration

As many of you are aware, our users experienced some issues after we migrated our database.
In this article we will elaborate on the things that happened and the means to rectify caused problems.

13 Mar 18


The new Academy videos are online!

We have been working really hard on updating our Academy video's.
And are very proud to finally present them to you!

09 Mar 18


Updated affiliates terms and trailing stop-loss feature

We have fixed multiple bugs on the platform, changed the affiliate terms and added the functionality to reset a trailing stop-loss.
After many requests and pointers, we have changed some things to make sure our hoppers get the smoothest and most profitable experience possible.

08 Mar 18


Trailing stop-buy and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) added to CH

After loads of requests, we have finally added Trailing stop-buy and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA).Our hoppers have sent us countless requests and messages regarding these features. So we decided to put TSB and DCA to the test

20 Feb 18


A lot of new features have been added

We have performed a very big update to Cryptohopper which includes many new features and bug fixes.
Our dev has been working overtime to make sure the hopping experience stays the best it can possibly be

20 Feb 18


Coindicator and Cryptogrower added to Cryptohopper

New exchanges added for Coindicator and Cryptogrower signals.
Both Coindicator and Cryptogrower have added new exchanges for their signals. You can now subscribe to the signals of Coindicator for Bittrex with the Coindicator Long Term signals and you can also subscribe to Cryptogrower signals for Bittrex and Binance.

13 Feb 18


Binance exchange added to Cryptohopper

Binance exchange now available on Cryptohopper! Cryptohopper has always thrived on user suggestions and requests. Binance has been requested a lot by our users, so we're very proud to have finally added them.

25 Jan 18


Does a Trading Bot Work in a Dominant Bitcoin Bull Market?

Using a tool takes some knowlege.
In this article we will explain the ins and outs about using Cryptohopper as a tool.

30 Nov 17


Signalers and trading bots. A perfect combination.

Cryptohopper is the first automated trading tool to integrate signalers.
Signalers take away the difficulty of trading and combine state of the art technical analysis to help you trading.

02 Nov 17


What is Cryptohopper exactly?

Most revolutionary cryptocurrency trading bot

31 Oct 17

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