A Guide to Bitcoin and Crypto Futures and How to Trade Them

A comprehensive guide to Bitcoin and crypto futures, their advantages, and how to trade them.

18 Nov 20


Cryptohopper is nominated for the Public Solution Award at the Dutch Blockchain Awards!

These awards are intended for projects, organizations, and individuals who have achieved exceptional feats within the blockchain technology.

17 Nov 20


Crypto Projects Explained – UniBright

UniBright has made headlines often lately, and for good reasons. While Ethereum has been around for more than five years, additional solutions are needed to meet businesses' requirements to apply blockchain technology.

12 Nov 20


A Complete Guide to the Orders Types on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

A comprehensive review of different cryptocurrency order types and their representation on cryptocurrency exchanges.

11 Nov 20


Cryptohopper Introduces Collaboration with CryptoTrader.Tax

Cryptocurrency traders that use automated trading tools like Cryptohopper can easily rack up dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of trades over a relatively short period of time.

03 Nov 20


Crypto Projects Explained - DigiByte

According to CoinMarketCap, there are currently more than 7,000 coins and token projects. Many traders know that not all crypto projects are legitimate, and as in regular business, only around 1 in 10 will become a success.

29 Oct 20


A Quarter by Quarter Analysis of Cryptocurrency Markets in 2020

Analyzing the performance of cryptocurrency markets in 2020 and short-term future perspectives.

28 Oct 20


Big League Corporations Explore Crypto and Blockchain Industry

From Starbucks and BMW to Amazon and PayPal, billion-dollar firms are exploring the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry

20 Oct 20


How To Earn Passive Income With Cryptocurrencies

Seven different ways to earn passive income with cryptocurrency.

14 Oct 20


Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tools for Beginners

How beginners can access the best cryptocurrency trading tools to optimize the trading experience in 2020 and beyond.

07 Oct 20


Tips For Trading Crypto’s in Bearish Markets

How to use indicators to predict downtrends in cryptocurrency markets and automate cryptocurrency trading in bearish market conditions.

30 Sep 20


Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Security and Vulnerabilities

An examination of the vulnerabilities in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry that can pose a potential threat to blockchain security.

23 Sep 20


Cryptohopper Partners Up With Cointracking!

Cryptohopper is excited to announce a partnership with Cointracking, one of the first Tax Reporting solutions for cryptocurrencies.

17 Sep 20

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