Cryptohopper Launches One-of-a-Kind A.I. Feature Designed to Automatically Test, Rank & Deploy Trading Strategies

Crypto trading platform announces a new Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.) feature that cuts to the chase for what used to be a time-consuming process.

15 Jan 21


What is Backtesting in Crypto Trading? How Does It Work?

A detailed guide to what is backtesting in crypto trading, how does it work, and the tools to leverage the maximum gains by backtesting a strategy.

13 Jan 21


Crypto Trading Guide: What is Paper Trading?

A beginner’s guide to what is paper trading, its advantages, and disadvantages in crypto trading.

06 Jan 21


Why and How to Diversify Cryptocurrency Trading Portfolio

Why is it necessary to diversify an investor’s cryptocurrency trading portfolio? What are the different strategies for a diversified crypto portfolio?

31 Dec 20


Blockchain Outlook and Crypto Trend Predictions For 2021

Understanding the broader outlook for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency market trend predictions in 2021.

23 Dec 20


Crypto and Blockchain Trends in 2020: A Year in Review

An overview of important milestones and trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain space in 2020!

16 Dec 20


How to Use Cryptohopper Features for an Optimized Cryptocurrency Trading Experience

How to improve your trading experience through relevant features on Cryptohopper, an automated cryptocurrency trading bot.

09 Dec 20


What is the Tokenization of Bitcoin on Ethereum?

A comprehensive guide to tokenized bitcoin on Ethereum, its need, and the inception of service providers like Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC).

02 Dec 20


Common Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies For Beginners

A comprehensive guide to active and passive cryptocurrency trading strategies utilized by investors.

25 Nov 20


Cryptohopper celebrates Black Friday!

Black Friday is right around the corner, and you know what that means… Discounts!

23 Nov 20


A Guide to Bitcoin and Crypto Futures and How to Trade Them

A comprehensive guide to Bitcoin and crypto futures, their advantages, and how to trade them.

18 Nov 20


Cryptohopper is nominated for the Public Solution Award at the Dutch Blockchain Awards!

These awards are intended for projects, organizations, and individuals who have achieved exceptional feats within the blockchain technology.

17 Nov 20


Crypto Projects Explained – UniBright

UniBright has made headlines often lately, and for good reasons. While Ethereum has been around for more than five years, additional solutions are needed to meet businesses' requirements to apply blockchain technology.

12 Nov 20

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