What is Crypto Arbitrage Trading and How Do I Make Money With This Opportunity?

The opportunities available in the traditional financial sector are now starting to gain traction in the cryptocurrency market as well. Alongside futures and leveraged trading, arbitrage trading is drawing attention because of the opportunities that it represents. Crypto arbitrage trading specifically is gaining popularity as traders are able to leverage this tool to open new opportunities to profits and returns in the crypto market.

05 Aug 20


Why are Traders Leveraging on Cryptocurrency Trading and Investments

Are you still figuring out if cryptocurrencies hold a place in your investment portfolio? Or are you a confused trader, wondering if cryptocurrency trading holds any advantages? At Cryptohopper, we understand your uncertainty regarding cryptocurrency trading and investments – it can be a lot to take in.

29 Jul 20


Cryptohopper launches its Cryptohopper+ program

Amsterdam, 23-07-2020

Cryptohopper launches its Cryptohopper+ program. This is a program where users can earn XP (Experience Points). The more Experience Points (XP) you gain, the more opportunities you have to change your status and access even more benefits.

23 Jul 20


The Similarities and Differences Between Crypto and Forex Trading

Although cryptocurrency trading and investments have made their way around the block once or twice, crypto’s decade-long industry is still relatively new compared to mature trading markets like the Foreign Exchange Market, also known as “forex”.

22 Jul 20


The Advantages of Leveraging Crypto Trading Bots for Newbies and Pros

The applications of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) enabled bots is spreading throughout various industries. In the past few years, a number of companies have started using chatbots to drive efficiency into their customer service operations. Now, these bots have procured their place in an industry near and dear to our hearts: cryptocurrencies.

15 Jul 20


Cryptocurrency Trading And Investments Gearing For Mass Adoption

It all started with bitcoin, a decade back, and since then cryptocurrencies have come a long way. On one side blockchain startups are developing applications for almost every industry from supply chain to healthcare. On the other side, cryptocurrency trading and investments are becoming increasingly popular as investment vehicles with the onset of institutional investors.

08 Jul 20


Bitpanda Pro and Cryptohopper announce a partnership!

We are excited to announce a new partnership with Bitpanda Pro. The new collaboration will allow Bitpanda Pro users to trade automatically on Cryptohopper, 24/7.

06 Jul 20


The Biggest Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Trends In 2020

Blockchain technology is one of the top emerging innovations of the decade. While bitcoin is the first application of blockchain, the tech has expanded its possible use-case to some of the world’s biggest industries, including banking, healthcare, real estate, supply chain, and agriculture. A decade after the blockchain’s establishment, the technology is now settling into mainstream adoption.

01 Jul 20


Profit By Scalping Bitcoin

Scalping is one of the most profitable forms of trading. However, it is also one of the most labor-intensive trading styles out there. Therefore with an automated scalping strategy, you get the best of both worlds: an exceptionally profitable strategy and less work.

18 Jun 20


When Can We Confirm A Bullish BTC Or Crypto Market?

Some of the most frequently asked questions in the Crypto space are: “Are we in an uptrend?” “Has the bullish market started yet?”. So how do we determine when a bull market started, and when one has ended? That is what we will explore in this blog. Stay tuned until the end to find out.

11 Jun 20


Introducing, Our New Pioneer Package.

We have great news that we would like to share with you!

10 Jun 20


Trading With Bitcoin As Quote Currency

Although trading against Fiat pairs is now widely available in the Crypto world, there are still many traders who prefer to trade against BTC instead. Today we will look at the advantages and disadvantages of using BTC as the quote currency, as well as how to identify when trading against BTC is profitable.

29 May 20


Important Pro-Tips To Know When Creating An Automated Trading System

In this blog, we will analyze the most critical aspects of an automated trading system. Generally, creating a successful automated trading system is very similar to creating a successful manual trading system. It is essential to have the right strategy and settings for your trading system to be successful.

20 May 20

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