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Trading 101: Sentiment Analysis Explained

Daneel's AI & sentiment Analysis features will soon become available on Cryptohopper

19 Feb 19


Cryptohopper x Daneel.io Partnership

Daneel's AI & sentiment Analysis features will soon become available on Cryptohopper

18 Feb 19


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14 Feb 19


Trading 101: Volatility Indicators Explained

Exploring the ups and downs of cryptocurrencies

07 Feb 19


Trading 101: Momentum Indicators Explained

Measuring the speed and strength of an asset.

31 Jan 19


Trading 101: How to Combine Technical Indicators

Designing your trading strategy based on MACD combinations

23 Jan 19


Trading 101: Trend Indicators

Arguably the simplest but most powerful type of technical Analysis...

17 Jan 19


Fundamental analysis

For cryptocurrencies and securities, in general, there are three types of analyses you could carry out to evaluate your investments. These are fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and sentiment analysis. Today, we dive into the fundamental analysis. 

04 Jan 19


Trading 101: Trading styles explained

There are a variety of different styles that alter your decisions when trading. Which one suits you best?

27 Dec 18


10 random gifts you can buy with Bitcoin around the world


Got some BTC to spare? Check out these random things you can buy around the world!

24 Dec 18


Trading 101: 4 types of indicators you need to know


Trend, Momentum, Volatility and Volume Explained. 

21 Dec 18


Trading 101: How to read a chart

True traders don't expect full certainty, but they do dedicate their time to removing as much uncertainty as possible. Step 1 is Learning to read a Chart

18 Dec 18


The fundamentals of Blockchain and Bitcoin

BTC: The currency everyone's heard of, many have invested in but only few understand

13 Dec 18

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