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Start Hopping in 5 Minutes

The global cryptocurrency capitalisation has risen more than 45% in less than 20 days and even highly capitalised cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum have risen between 50 and 80%. In light of these new circumstances, we can start seeing bulls in the horizon.

29 May 19


The first CH Meetup

Next week, on Wednesday, the 29th of May, we’re organising our first Cryptohopper meetup! On this evening you can expect multiple speakers, a panel discussion and more than enough time to meet people with a similar interest in crypto!

23 May 19


Bull market? - Reasons to believe in it

In the last few days Bitcoin rose 38 percent and absolutely destroyed all resistances rather than just breaking them.

15 May 19


Binance Security Breach

On May 7, 2019 Binance have discovered a large scale security breach on their exchange. During the breach hacker have obtained a large number of API Key, 2FA codes and were able to withdraw more than 7000 BTC in one transaction. Because Cryptohopper could be used with Binance we want to update you on this situation.

08 May 19


Bot trading tips - Cryptohopper signallers

Countless is an appropriate description for all the advantages that an automated trading platform provides. Becoming a trader, copying a professional or doing both, these are some of the advantages that Cryptohopper offers you. This week, we have gathered experienced traders to give you recommendations to make your hopper more efficient and profitable.

02 May 19


Cryptohopper at 2019 London Blockchain Expo

Cryptohopper will be attending the 2019 London Blockchain Expo on the 25th and 26th of April.

23 Apr 19


Venezuela: A Crypto Case Study

 An interview with a Venezuelan Cryptohopper user.

11 Apr 19


Type of Trader vs Type of Settings

 How can the same strategy lead to totally different results? Why do returns differ so much between traders for the same market conditions? Why are some traders more successful than others in automated trading? one word: Settings.

04 Apr 19


Crypto and the Environment

With the crypto world growing rapidly in size, many efforts are being made to optimize various processes like cryptocurrency mining but also to find real-world opportunities for the use of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain as a whole. This blog will discuss the effectiveness of mining techniques while focusing on the effect these have on the environment, as well as the future potential of Blockchain in environmental sustainability.


28 Mar 19


5 Tabs all pro traders have open while they’re hopping!

When getting started with Cryptohopper, you’ll come to find that unless you’re using the Marketplace, you’ll need to know a few more things about trading.

21 Mar 19


Bitcoin Vs Tether - Selecting your Base Currency

Unstable vs. Stable coins - the main battleground for crypto. Both share in common that they use blockchain technology, but differ fundamentally in ideology. Which should you choose for your base currency?

12 Mar 19


Introduction to Stablecoins

What are Stablecoins and how did they come about?

07 Mar 19


Trading 101: Volume Indicators Explained

Volume: The foundation of Price Movements 

28 Feb 19

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