1. Feature exclusive NFTs from top creators and brands

By partnering with forward-looking brands and creators who share our vision, Featured will showcase exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else. 

2. Create an accessible marketplace for buying, selling and trading NFTs

If you haven’t already, head over to Featured by Binance and browse the first wave of NFTs available from our early access creators. 

3. Offer creator tools that allow users to easily mint, sell and showcase their content

Featured makes it easier than ever to mint your own NFTs. Turn your creativity and talents into the next digital collectible. 

Discover our first NFT drop: Dylan Cole

There’s a good chance you’ve seen Dylan Cole’s work, which is routinely featured in some of the world’s most popular TV shows, movies and video games. Over a 20+ year career in Hollywood, Dylan Cole has created iconic environments, including Mordor for Lord of the Rings and the world of Pandora for Avatar. Other highlights from his 60+ films include Maleficent, Tron: Legacy, Alita: Battle Angel and Alice in Wonderland. 

Dylan is a renowned world-builder whose work features intricate details that bring mysterious new worlds to life. Featured is proud to share Dylan’s artwork, which will appear for the first time ever as a set of NFT collectibles not available anywhere else.

Our first official NFT drop arrives on Monday, June 21 at 10 am PDT. As we countdown to the drop, Featured will organize online events for collectors to interact with Dylan Cole firsthand. 

Visit Featured by Binance to learn how you can meet Dylan Cole and be among the first to claim the NFT drop. 

Preview the Dylan Cole Collection

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