AKRO and ADEL wallets are now open and you can begin depositing AKRO and ADEL into your Poloniex account and posting limit orders for ADEL/USDT, AKRO/USDT and AKRO/BTC. Full trading will be enabled later today.

Along with our listing, we’ll be starting our Akropolis Trading Competition at 21:00 UTC today! Check out our Help Center for details on how to win from a total prize pool of 456,700 AKRO.

What is Akropolis?
Akropolis endeavors to give people the tools they need to save for the future safely and without intermediaries. Akropolis has built AkropolisOS which is a modular framework for creating for-profit DAOs with customisable user incentives, automated liquidity provision, and programmatic liquidity and treasury management. Their initial product, Sparta, allows for undercollateralized loans to passively generate the maximum APR available from DeFi protocols. They’re also developing Akropolis Delphi which is a pool that allows automatic dollar-cost averaging for BTC and ETH while continuing to earn on your funds. Akropolis Token (AKRO) is used for protocol-level governance and is tied to managing the overall suite of DeFi products built on Akropolis. Akropolis Delphi Token (ADEL) is used for product-level governance for Delphi users and contributors. Deposit AKRO and ADEL on Poloniex and get ready to trade.

AKRO Stats
Price: $0.01547291
Market Cap: $30,897,464
Market Cap Rank: #217
24h Trading Volume: $9,962,074
7d Low / 7d High: $0.01757173 / $0.02538395
All Time High: $0.061677 (July 17, 2019)
All Time Low: $0.00053110 (January 20, 2020)
Circulating Supply: 1,995,847,437 AKRO

ADEL Stats
Price: $1.06
Market Cap: $5,835,635
Market Cap Rank: #479
24h Trading Volume: $4,926,511
7d Low / 7d High: $0.978150 / $3.25
All Time High: $8.43 (September 3, 2020)
All Time Low: $0.978150 (September 16, 2020)
Circulating Supply: 5,451,248 ADEL

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