The airdrop of Uniswap ( UNI) tokens keeps driving up Ethererum gas fees to above 450 gwei levels while also pushing up the price of Ether ( ETH). At the same time, BTC continues to hover in a narrow range between $11,700 and $11,000. It is up 0.57% overnight.

Polkadot ( DOT) and TRON ( TRX) were impressive performers among major altcoins and are up 2.54% and 7.19%, respectively. Meanwhile, Chainlink ( LINK) was down another 1% to $10.80 levels after losing 50% of its value from its high of $20.

The total cryptocurrency market capitalization increased by 1.0% to $357 billion, as per data from CoinGecko. Meanwhile, BTC dominance stabilized at 56.6%.

Top altcoin gainers and losers

  • UNI/USDT +44.18%
  • JFI/USDT +33.36%
  • TAI/USDT +31.11%
  • BOT/USDT -17.15%
  • ZYRO/USDT -19.67%
  • RIO/USDT -33.98%

All of the tokens on today’s list belong to the decentralized finance sector.

Without a doubt, UNI is the hottest token of the week. It is up 44.18% overnight. Although the price fell to as low as $2.40 after going live on OKEx, $2.80 became a strong support level in the subsequent rally. The price of UNI has pushed above $5.30. For more information on UNI’s valuation, you can refer to OKEx Insights’ article posted yesterday.

While the TRX price rallied, its ecosystem tokens, which have a much lower market cap, bounced back quickly. ( JFI) and tBridge Token ( TAI) surged 33.36% and 31.11%, respectively.

Realio Network ( RIO) is listed on the top losers list for the second day in a row. It recorded a negative 33.98% return overnight.

BTC technical analysis

Overnight, the BTC price did not fluctuate much. It bounced back after testing $10,750 support. A mid-term threshold is still located at $10,600, with short-term resistance at $11,000. The focus of the market still hasn’t returned to the leader.

For a snapshot of the changing dynamics of BTC derivatives data, readers can jump to OKEx Insights’ recently published Futures Friday article, which features a detailed analysis of derivatives trading indicators — such as the long/short ratio, open interest and quarterly futures premiums.

Visit for the full report.

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