Today we're continuing our journey by listing 20 more assets, but first, we have an update on the technical implementation of our newest listings.

ERC-20 Wallet Architecture Implemented

In order to move fast, we first announced that deposits and withdrawals for our new listings will be enabled at a later date. We are happy to announce that we have implemented the full wallet architecture for all ERC-20 assets listed on our platform. This means that you can transfer ERC-20 assets to your Bitvavo wallet, and likewise can withdraw your ERC-20 assets if you wish to do so.

We are still in the process of implementing the wallet architecture for non-ERC-20 tokens, and look forward to updating you once we do.

New Digital Assets Coming September 1

Without further ado, here are the 20 digital assets joining Bitvavo’s offering this Wednesday:

  1. NKN - NKN
  2. Enzyme - MLN
  3. Phala Network - PHA
  4. Civic - CVC
  5. NuCypher - NU
  6. Serum - SRM
  7. Celer Network - CELR
  8. Polymath - POLY
  9. Perpetual Protocol - PERP
  10. Mirror Protocol - MIR
  11. Clover Finance - CLV
  12. Keep Network - KEEP
  13. Linear - LINA
  14. Audius - AUDIO
  15. Ampleforth Governance - FORTH
  16. My Neighbor Alice - ALICE
  17. Metal - MTL
  18. Just - JST
  19. Rally - RLY
  20. Oasis Network - ROSE

Next Asset Listing: September 8

Next week, we'll complete this stage of the expansion of our offering. Bookmark Bitvavo Magazine and follow us on Twitter to see our latest content, news and developments at Bitvavo.