Ethereum DeFi Ecosystem Has Hit 3 Million Users

It’s a big number for crypto, but also a tiny one in the scope of the world. The amount of addresses interacting with DeFi aps on Ethereum are hockey-sticking. More applications, more use cases, more users, more adoption. That’s the recipe for the next 3 million users, too.

UMA Raises $2.6mm with the Pilot of the Range Token

The range token is a new treasury primitive that enables DAOs to access funds and diversify their treasury without directly selling their native tokens. Range tokens function as a loan a DAO can take against its own treasury — a sort of “crypto native convertible debt.” This stands to benefit the bevy of DAOs that have formed over the past year plus, strapped with tokens they don’t want to spend.

CoinGecko Releases New, Updated “How To DeFi” Book

The most notable platform for checking prices and token stats, CoinGecko announced their newly published ‘How to DeFi: Advanced’ and an updated ‘How to DeFi: Beginner’ book, including updated tutorials and other materials on MakerDAO, Aave, Uniswap, and more.

Chainswap Protocol on BSC Loses Millions of Dollars in Exploit

Projects on the Binance Smart Chain have suffered numerous attacks in recent months, with the most recent attack happening to Chainswap protocol, losing millions of dollars for a variety of projects as a result. These exploits happen when hackers find opportunities in the open-source code to dump contracts of their funds. While it can happen to any software project, it most commonly occurs on projects that copy, paste, and edit code from notable projects.

Balancer Launches Stable Pool

The innovative AMM is constantly iterating towards their goal of giving users a seamless, low-gas trading experience. Their most recent offering is a new Stable pool, which provides many benefits for traders and Liquidity Providers. The Stable pool offers tighter spreads, lower slippage and even more competitive yields, made possible by the efficiency of the pool architecture.

0x + Brave Partner to Make Crypto and DeFi More Accessible to Everyone

The crypto-native internet browser Brave has chosen the 0x API to power Brave Swap, enabling token trades at the best prices directly from a user’s Brave crypto wallet. Brave is a browser that rewards users with $BAT for watching ads and other online activities. By using 0x’s API, Brave will be able to offer their users the best prices for swaps across a number of DEXs.

Synthetix Rallies as DeFi Protocol Announces Layer 2 Launch

Synthetix is also in full product-ship and partnership mode. In light of a number of airdrops to SNX stakers this past couple of weeks, the platform is also teasing a Layer 2 integration with Optimism. The new layer 2 exchange will initially support synthetic ether (ETH, -4.75%) (sETH), synthetic bitcoin (sBTC), and synthetic link (sLINK) and will add more assets, with natural shorts on all Synths.

DeFi Gets Proactive About Policy Thanks to a $20M Grant From the Uniswap Community

The brand new DeFi Education Fund (DEF), a new policy organization supported through Uniswap token holders, who awarded the fund with 1 million UNI tokens from the DAO treasury.  The primary goals of DEF include funding organizations that have expertise or can easily gain expertise in DeFi and can advance policy or thought leadership or any of the other goals the fund is looking to advance, plus educating others and organizations on policy and DeFi.

DeFi And Decentralized Data Storage Are About to Collide

This thoughtful article describes decentralized storage as an emerging, critical element of not only DeFi, but the entire Web 3.0 architecture. The author argues we need more promising projects that will challenge the economic and storage paradigm of data.

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