In general, it’s key for us as a company to ensure that the digital assets we offer on our platform maintain a certain relevancy over time. This is especially important for users who want to invest with a longer time horizon, as we want to make sure that there is still demand for a certain digital asset in let’s say, two or three years. That’s why we put in a lot of time into identifying and deciding on the most promising candidates to list.

So how do we decide on a digital asset? With careful research and by listening to the Bitpanda community.

Step one: Research

Our team checks different factors about the asset and evaluates it based on over ten factors such as the customer value-add, market cap, ease of implementation, ecosystem structure, token performance, underlying technology and several other factors. We also listen to what our users say on social media and take their opinions into consideration.

Step two: Asset listing committee

After we have created a shortlist as part of the research phase, an asset listing committee decides on the top five candidates. We then go through the research together in a small cross-functional team. We identify the most promising candidates based on developer activity, trading volume, social media followers and other important metrics.

Step three: BEST VIP coin votes

After we have identified the most promising digital assets, we ask our BEST VIPs which coin they would like to see listed next. Basically, they get to vote on which asset they would like to see on Bitpanda. You can see how our coin votes look here and here.

Step four: Asset gets listed on Bitpanda

After the community vote, we start the integration of the most popular coin. Adding a coin involves thorough testing while always ensuring maximum security.

Most of the time, our users tell us exactly what they want on Bitpanda and we always try our best to meet your needs and expectations such as, reading your comments on social media, our reddit AMAs or our BEST VIP coin voting.

And there you have it, our insiders guide to how we add our coins on Bitpanda!

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