Our core values aim to inspire individually and collectively as a company. These will be the backbone of Bitpanda’s company culture and will act as a guide to how we hire, cooperate and reward internally. After months of collaboration, we narrowed it down to these five core values that will become the pillars of Bitpanda.

Value one: We think big and move fast

Inspiring and forward thinking, we aim to leap out of our comfort zones. One of our mottos is: just because it has never been done, doesn't mean it can't be done. We stay motivated as we push ourselves forwards, and constantly strive to develop and improve ourselves further. We go the extra mile and get it done.

Value two: We own our impact

Our impact is greater than our job description. Each of us brings our skills to what we do. We have the freedom and confidence to own ideas and to bring them to life. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and are proud to sign our work with our name.

Value three: We are better together

Beyond our individual teams, we are one team of committed people who support each other to achieve our goals - and have fun while doing it! We act with empathy, share the passion in what we do and learn from one another. We push past challenges and drive change, together.

Value four: We embrace diversity

We embrace a culture of individual expression and inclusion. We believe that diverse mindsets and backgrounds foster exceptional ideas. We value personality and uniqueness and treat each other with fairness and respect everywhere we operate.  

Value five: We act with integrity

Above all, we value honesty. We do not have tolerance for hidden agendas nor ego-driven behaviour. We say it out loud, use clear language and always act with integrity. No matter who you are, your voice is being heard and valued.

So there you have it, our five core values. How did we come up with them? Well, it was a company-wide effort to build our values from scratch! Here is the process:

Step one: Asking the opinions of our employees

We already had a large team and a well-established company culture when we started building our core values. When we launched a survey asking people what they think about Bitpanda culture, 88% of employees responded with meaningful moments and experiences at Bitpanda. By reading all the stories and moments that people shared, we could see the real life examples of what our team members value and appreciate. We also held various in-depth interviews throughout the company which brought great results!

Step two: Analyse the answers

After all the data was collected, we thoroughly analysed it and combined different statements, comments and stories united by one theme. We identified 11 original core themes in the surveys and interviews. What we had to do is identify out of these what are the most important core values that can be recognised by everyone no matter which team they are in.

Step three: Narrowing down the core values

We invited all our team members to participate in the workshops to help us narrow down our answers. We held workshops with four different groups and asked them to choose which themes they can relate to, how these can be used to help Bitpanda achieve its mission and to give us specific examples of those values in action. With the help from the groups, the data from the surveys and interviews, we narrowed down the list to 5 final themes/values.

Step four: Finalising

We took all our final notes from the workshops, compiled them into one document and collaborated with Bitpanda’s Marketing department. After a few rounds of edits, we finalised the core values we have today!

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