As Europe’s leading investment platform, we’re not only aiming to offer easy access to all kinds of digital assets, but we also want to give something back to the community. That’s why we conceived Pantos as a major European blockchain interoperability project together with the TU Wien to enable token projects to be independent of a specific blockchain. Only a few weeks after announcing a partnership with Raiffeisen Bank International, we are now happy to share another milestone.

Joint research by Pantos and IOTA in CDL-BOT

Today, we are excited to share two big steps for the Pantos project. First, the fact that the renowned IOTA Foundation is joining the Pantos project as a research partner. And second, that Pantos and IOTA have jointly received the trust and support of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs and the renowned Christian Doppler Research Association. Together, a new Christian Doppler Laboratory (CDL) was opened in Vienna, Austria today. The Austrian Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs, Margarete Schramböck, was in attendance as the CDL was opened as a driver of innovation and digitisation.

Internet of Things and blockchain interoperability

The Christian Doppler Research Association promotes cooperation between science and business. CDL-BOT which is led by Prof. Stefan Schulte from the TU Wien’s Institute for Information Systems Engineering, focuses on the two topics of Internet of Things (IoT) and connectivity between different blockchain platforms. Pantos and IOTA are able to bring in a lot of knowledge and previous research experience from their respective fields.

This is yet another major step for Bitpanda and the Pantos project. Together with our new partner and the support of the Austrian government, we will bring the project to the next level. Meaning that we will increase the overall researcher headcount and resources, while combining the knowledge of the IOTA and Pantos teams.