Winners of the BEST airdrop powered by Blockpit

Were you one of the lucky winners of our BEST airdrop powered by Blockpit? Between the 27th of October to the 18th of November, 2020, Bitpanda, Bitpanda Pro and Blockpit celebrated their new partnership with a BEST Airdrop powered by Blockpit.

The fastest users of Bitpanda and Bitpanda Pro who were the first to register their new accounts are now receiving BEST worth between €5 and €200. The payout will be concluded by the end of this month and the lucky winners will find their BEST on their BEST wallets. Congratulations!

You can still get a discount on your Blockpit subscription

If you missed tackling your tax life the first time around, don’t worry too much. The good news is that you can still get a 10% discount on your Blockpit subscription for the tax year 2020 that also unlocks all previous years for free.

How to get your discount? Bitpanda users simply log in and visit the “History” section on their account, Bitpanda Pro users can register via the “Partners” section on their Bitpanda Pro account directly. Simply follow the steps at the end of this article.

Blockpit professional licences for BEST VIP level 3 users

Like we announced at the beginning of our promotion, all our Bitpanda BEST VIP level 3 users (holders of a minimum of 500,000 BEST on Bitpanda) received exclusive access to professional Blockpit licences.

The Blockpit professional licence is a 1-year licence and includes a maximum of 100,000 transactions. This licence has no expiry date, thus, it is not bound to the 2020 tax year and can be used for compiling future tax reports as well.

How do you, as a BEST VIP level 3 user, activate the licence? After you have registered on Blockpit, use the voucher we sent you: simply log into your Blockpit account, click on “Upgrade” and then select the “Professional” licence. Make sure you click on “Use voucher” when selecting your payment method.

That’s not all

We distributed the first of these vouchers to our Bitpanda BEST level 3 VIPs on the 19th of November, 2020. To all our new BEST level 3 VIPs, who reach VIP level 3 before or on the 16th of December, who did not receive a free professional licence in our past giveaway: you are going to receive your vouchers shortly.

On Bitpanda, we are also giving away vouchers for another 200 professional licences to BEST VIP Level 2 users (holders of a minimum of 50,000 BEST on Bitpanda) and 50 licences to BEST VIP Level 1 users (holders of a minimum of 5,000 BEST on Bitpanda). BEST VIP Level 2 users or BEST VIP Level 1 users have to qualify as VIP users on their respective levels by the 16th of December, 2020 in order to be eligible.

Finally, 10 other lucky Bitpanda users, selected at random, will also receive their vouchers for professional licence!

On Bitpanda Pro, the first 300 new users to register, verify and trade on Pro between the 25th of November and the 16th of December, 2020, will receive a professional licence.

Follow this link to set up and to get 10% off on your new Blockpit account subscription if you are a verified user of Bitpanda.

Follow this link to set up and to get 10% off on your new Blockpit account subscription if you are a verified user of Bitpanda Pro.

Please note: As tax issues involving cryptocurrencies can be complex and every country has its own legislation, we still advise you to contact your personal tax adviser for further information about your individual situation. You can find the terms and conditions of the promotion powered by Blockpit here.