What you can expect from this engineering blog:

  • Insights on how to scale an engineering organisation from the ground up
  • Team organisation difficulties in a startup environment
  • The technical decisions we took to scale the system with higher user demand
  • How we use blockchain in a production system
  • How to split a monolith system up into a microservice system
  • Feature development with cross-functional teams
  • We are building a reactive exchange
  • And much more

Being the CTO for more than seven years at Bitpanda, I have seen the technical system grow from a small virtual server hosting two repositories to a large scalable AWS system. Serving from our K8s cluster, hundreds of repositories with thousands of lines of code changes every day. (Besides our private code repositories, there is also a public one at https://github.com/bitpanda-labs where you can find code we decided to release open source). Significant growth also happened on the people’s side, by onboarding lots of very talented engineers, product owners, and scrum masters every two weeks. As you can imagine, there are many stories to tell.

As part of the engineering team in a scaleup, you always need to think ahead for the next big step in technical implementations for much more traffic, load and data and the organisational part when it comes to rapidly onboarding new team members and shaping our culture. We have no plans to slow down.

By the way, we are still looking for passionate, talented people to join our engineering team. So take a look on our job page and apply! If you want to experience a very dynamic working environment where you directly impact the systems, you are more than welcome to join our team. Just keep an eye out for open positions.

We hope our engineering stories will give you valuable information and inspiration.