We’re pleased to share the latest updates to the Honey Framework. For more on the Honey Framework, please refer to https://blog.bitfinex.com/tag/honey-framework/


  • Translated trailing stop modified order 
  • Addition of support for light theme 
  • Fix for executing algo order when pressing enter on save algo modal 
  • Improved explanations over DMS and disabled it by default 
  • Addition of max order limit check for ping pong algo order 
  • Addition of switch for margin trading in exec strategy 
  • Fix for opening deleted entry after algo params delete action
  • Addition of ability to store exchange/margin settings in algo params 
  • Fix for execute candle seed sent as a string, not as a number 
  • Addition of translations for notifications 
  • Fixed styling issues in header layout 
  • Fixed issue of chart not loading
  • Strategies shown in recent order 


  • Addition of endpoint for fetching user’s core settings
  • Addition of theme parameters for user settings

Fancy contributing to the project? Please open a pull request to https://github.com/bitfinexcom/bfx-hf-ui
Download the Honey Framework today: https://honey.bitfinex.com/

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