Filecoin is a decentralized storage network and marketplace designed to store humanity’s most important information. Miners earn Filecoin tokens by renting open hard drive space, and clients pay miners to store and retrieve their data. Coinbase Custody is excited to support this next step in the cryptoeconomy. Visit to learn more.

“We’re thrilled that Coinbase Custody is providing secure custody for FIL. Coinbase has a great track record of building new, innovative tools for its users.” Juan Benet, Filecoin project founder

With nearly 500 clients and over $15 billion in crypto assets stored, Coinbase Custody is one of the world’s largest and most trusted institutional crypto custodians. Launched in 2018, Coinbase Custody offers clients access to the same secure, institutional-grade offline storage solution that has been used by Coinbase’s trading platforms for more than seven years. Coinbase Custody operates as a New York State-chartered limited purpose trust company that is built on Coinbase’s crypto-first DNA. Coinbase Custody offers one of the most sophisticated and reliable crypto custody solutions in the world. With support for over 70 assets, we are always looking to add more. To learn more about Coinbase Custody click here.

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