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Wave gainer Strategy (Hero) - [GAINSCRYPT]

Wave gainer Strategy (Hero) - [GAINSCRYPT]

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[+] Description
This is the Hero Version of Wave Gainer Core. It is slightly more accurate as it prevents buying into weak/flat trends. Powerful and accurate, this well rounded swing strategy buys local bottoms and targets 4-5% trades. Combines trailing stop-loss with 'sell on strategy' to get the most out of each trade. Very well geared to use as a single strategy, but also highly compatible with A.I. More trades with more volatility. Typically a few signals per week per coin when downtrending, daily signals when uptrending. Very well-geared to pick up local dumps and pumps to turn quick & nice profits. Works with all subscriptions. If you have a Hero subscription, use the hero version instead (slightly more accurate):
[+] Backtesting + paper trading results (PDF):
[+] Base Currencies
[+] Recommended Items
[+] Updates & Backtesting
12 months of updates included.
[+] Risk management
DCA as back-up on default but may also be used with stop-loss. Fundamental knowledge on selected coins advised and own responsibility.
[+] Support
Mail: [email protected]
Ratings, reviews, feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated!
[+] Disclaimer
All created strategies and templates presented by Gainscrypt are designed for optimal profit. However, trading is risky. Always perform your own research, risk assessment and trade responsibly.

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