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TA Warriors Position Targeting

TA Warriors Position Targeting

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TA Warriors

TA Warriors

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Technical Analysis Warriors

Technical Analysis Warriors

We are a group of traders with a strong desire to succeed. We are committed to success for our users. Our ability to discern fundamentals through technicals sets us apart, and we've included this capability into all of our trading solutions.

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We've used AI to identify the best price action patterns on the daily chart to find the finest entry points.

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Risk level: Low
The average trade lasts a few days, weeks, or months.

Best for:
Those who are willing to hold positions for the long term without being concerned about short term dips or market fluctuations. This is a long-term strategy that will accumulate positions over time and hold them for the purpose of capital accumulation and future profits.

For capital accumulation we recommend our Position Targeting template:

To crush volatility and market manipulation you can use our Swing Trading template with this strategy wich will reduce your holding time with a lower take profit:

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