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Oxford Crypto Start Strong Strategy

Oxford Crypto Start Strong Strategy

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Oxford Crypto

Oxford Crypto

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Oxford Crypto

Oxford Crypto

- Invest | Trade | Save - We are a small group of traders, researchers, and enthusiasts who have been active on Cryptohopper since 2018.

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**This strategy is specifically designed for anyone starting out with automated trading**
Here at Oxford Crypto, we understand that not everyone has our experience and needs a simple entry point into the complicated world of automated trading. That is why we developed the Start Strong strategy, a simple but effective mix of four indicators that are widely used throughout the industry. This strategy will provide strong entry points and let you buy the dips and ride the upward wave. It also includes exit indicators to help you sell at the top! This is a professional grade strategy, accessible to everyone for just $5.99 including a full year of updates and support.
If you are new to trading crypto and want to get started today, look no further!

~~ Setup ~~
For best results, use our free template which comes with full configuration including safety triggers to pause trading during crash events:
Free Template (Stablecoin):
Free Template (Bitcoin):
Free Template (Ethereum):
We also recommend pairing this with our trading signals to increase your returns even further and capitalise on short-term moves for just $5.95 per month:
Remember: Bullish conditions occur when the market outperforms your base currency. As such, if you are trading with a stablecoin base currency such as USDT, this strategy is perfect during an uptrend in the crypto market where most cryptocurrencies are rocketing. However, if you are using BTC, ETH or another cryptocurrency as your base, then this strategy should be used when other cryptocurrencies are outperforming your base currency.

~~ About Oxford Crypto ~~
We are a small but dedicated team of cryptocurrency traders, researchers, and investors based in Oxford, UK. We specialise in developing professional quality strategies, signals, free templates, and managed portfolios and have worked exclusively on Cryptohopper since 2018. Our expertise in technical analysis, AI-driven risk management, and in-depth fundamental research can give you the tools and support you need to trade and invest more efficiently.

~~ Contact ~~
Email: [email protected]

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