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Oxford Crypto USD Starter Template

Oxford Crypto USD Starter Template

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We designed this template to help anybody get started with Cryptohopper. Everything is preset and configured correctly to get you be trading in next to no time! And best of all, it is completely FREE!
This template is designed for those using StableCoins (such as USDT) as their base currency. We also have templates available for BTC and StableCoin base currencies. The template is loaded to Binance by default but is great on every exchange, you can change the exchange under Config>Baseconfig>Exchange.
It includes:
- A highly-rated selection of 15 coins to trade with that you can change easily and add to depending on your subscription level.
- A simple built-in strategy that will buy and sell coins automatically (try our trading signals or paid strategies for stronger results!)
- Several triggers to help minimise losses that happen during times of cryptocurrency volatility.
- Fully configured Stop Loss, Take Profit, TSL and much much more!
**Please note: If you are using Coinbase as your exchange, they do not allow market orders for some pairs. Go to config>baseconfig>sell settings> and change "Order Type" to "Limit". Thank you. **
This template has a very simple built-in strategy that will automatically buy and sell coins but we recommend upgrading your experience by adding our Oxford Crypto Starter Strategy to your hopper for just $5.99 including a full year of updates. This is a more effective and reliable strategy which uses four technical indicators to help you buy the dips and make reliable profits. We also recommend subscribing to our trading signals for even more return on your investment!
Please feel free to make any adjustments to this template: think of it as a starting point for your own settings. You can switch to DCA instead of a stop loss if you have long term confidence in your coin selection. You can optimise the trailing stop loss through trial and error to try and maximise your profits. And when the price of BTC is falling sharply, consider using a BTC or ETH as your base currency and switching to our BTC or ETH template. This will help you avoid adverse trading conditions.
Check out our Oxford Crypto Starter Strategy:
And our Oxford Crypto Signals:
Please RATE if you enjoy this free template!

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