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Daily Trading Profit Strategy

Daily Trading Profit Strategy

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:::::::::::::::::::: Description ::::::::::::::::::::
Daily Profitable signals to buy low and sell high with a profit of 4% to 18% per Trade. I continually backtest and optimize these signals for current market conditions, we do our best to optimize strategy assuming price moves or stays within a range within this time frame.

1) Update Strategy to get more profit + to prevent buy downtrend, you can backtest your Strategy during the market crash and you will find our prevent buy during a downtrend 99% to 97%.

2) If you would like to minimize risk during using crypto hopper (Read CRYPTOHOPPER GUIDE ):
A ) Enable Trigger (When BTC UP gives profile with profit 4 / BTC Down set profit 2.5)
B) Enable Stop loss: 4% depending on how much risk you accept But this best value is 4 (You can do Backtest to validate the good result )
C) Take Profit: 2.5 (The best value for a Bear Market)
D) Don't enable trailing stop loss or Buy because Cryptohopper doesn't do well, you can enable trailing stop loss during Bull
E) We added the best indicators to get the best sell signal position, you can backtest sell signal based on strategy
# Sell based on strategy: ON
# Take profit: 4, 5 , OR 6
# Stop loss: 4

Latest Update : 23/05/2022 (Bellow setting for Bull Market)
:::::::::::::::::::: CRYPTOHOPPER GUIDE ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: Premium Strategy Result ::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::: Use Our Premium Template ::::::::::::::::::::
Daily/Weekly Updated based on Market movements
:::::::::::::::::::: Recommended sell settings include ::::::::::::::::::::
Take Profit : 18
Holding Time : 3H-18H , Rare takes 30H
# Trailing stop-loss
Enable : ON
Trailing stop-loss percentage : 1.85 (bull market )(bear market 0.5-0.75)
Arm trailing stop-loss at : 4 (bull market 4-5 ) (bear market 2-3)
Use trailing stop-loss only : OFF
Reset stop-loss after failed orders : OFF
Only sell with profit : ON
:::::::::::::::::::: Important ::::::::::::::::::::
1# We recommend to set size of each buy order 1%-2% of you capital per trade
Example : if your capital is 10,000 USD , your setting should be :
Config -----> BaseConfig -----> Coins and amounts
# Coins and amounts
- Percentage buy amount : 1
- Minimum USDT amount per order : 100
- Maximum USDT amount allocated : 10000
:::::::::::::::::::: Signal Parameters ::::::::::::::::::::
Exchanges: All
Coins: All Coins
Base Currencies: All
Signal Rate: Every 15 Minute
Buys: Yes
Sells: Yes
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Recommended settings ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
# Exchange settings
Use ticker rate : Use last tick if higher/lower
# Notifications
Notification on trade: ON
# Buy Settings
Order type: Limit
Percentage bid: 0.5 (Lower)
Max open time buy: 5
Max open positions: 200
Max percentage open positions per coin : 1 (if markets are bull , if not change it to 1 and disable cooldown options)
Only 1 open buy order per coin : ON
:::::::::::::::::::: Note ::::::::::::::::::::
Don't use Merge Positions because Cryptohopper will open other Positions for the same coin.
# Coins and amounts
Percentage buy amount: 1
Minimum USDT amount per order : (1%-2% OF YOUR CAPITAL ,For example if your capital is 10,000 USD set this "Minimum USDT amount per order = 100 OR 200" )
# Strategy settings
Strategy: Daily Trading Profit Strategy
Number of targets to buy : 4
# Trailing stop-buy : OFF
# Sell settings
Take profit at: 5
Order type : Limit
Max open time sell : 8
Percentage ask : 0.2 (Higher)
# Sell strategy
Sell based on strategy : OFF
Hold assets when new target is the same : ON
# Stop-loss : ON
Stop-loss percentage : 4
# Trailing stop-loss
Enable : ON
Trailing stop-loss percentage : 0.5
Arm trailing stop-loss at : 3
Use trailing stop-loss only : OFF
Reset stop-loss after failed orders : OFF
Only sell with profit : ON
# Auto Close : OFF
# Shorting : OFF
# Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) : OFF

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