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Killer Whale AI Trend

Killer Whale AI Trend

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Killer Whale AI Trend

Experience: Dolphin / Killer Whale
Min Starting Balance: $2,500 - $10,000+

This is a Plugin for determining the overall trend of crypto markets at the given point in time for AI feature. When plugged into the Cryptohopper AI feature Killer Whale AI Trend will determine the overall Macro-Trend in your AI Technology.

This is NOT to be taken lightly friends. AI Trend is to be plugged into an AI on Hero Subscription ONLY. If you use it as a single strategy it will only tell your hopper either full on buy or full on sell no matter what coin. Just be very cautious. If you are run as a single strategy you will want the cooldown period to be around 1 day or more.

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A crypto exchange account, Binance/ KuCoin
Cryptohopper Account (any subscription)

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Classic Coinbase Pro

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