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Killer Whale Template KuCoin/USDT

Killer Whale Template KuCoin/USDT

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Free Version of Killer Whale Algorithmic Intelligence Template. Download this template to work with Killer Whale Free Strategy. Just pick the coins you wish to trade and be patient. If you wish to trade faster you can change the take profit to 2-3% and disable trailing stop-loss.

To All My Killer Whales:
Use this Referral Link to register with KuCoin to Receive 0% maker / 0.07% taker fees, courtesy of ya boy Killer Whale! Due to a recent meeting I had with KuCoin, when you use my Referral Link you will be able to keep the VIP5 trading discounts permanently by using enough trading volume each month!

I found a great crypto currency trading platform:

After using the Referral Link you must email [email protected] and mention Killer Whale (Dylan Shively) to recieve the lowest trading fees the world of crypto has to offer!

Being a Master Class Trader, I now have the opportunity to give back our online community and will be here to serve as a staple for fellow Cryptohopper users!

Follow @DylanShively6 (Killer Whale) on twitter to see paid strategy results in real time 24/7!

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