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Killer Whale Free Strategy

Killer Whale Free Strategy

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Free Version of Killer Whale Algorithmic Intelligence Strategy. Download this Strategy to work with Killer Whale Free Template (or configure yourself). Just pick the coins you wish to trade and be patient as this Strategy typically holds for 5-10 hours. If you wish to trade faster you can change the take profit to 2-3% and select Sell Based on Strategy. Killer Whale Free Algorithmic Intelligence out-preforms global stats by 3% on average.

Be patient, I cant stress enough that it take hours, days , weeks, months and years to truly realize the effects of compounding. Its not get rich quick.... its get rich period! No need to worry about changing configuration as I update all templates based on current market conditions or just re-download template once in a while if you notice a a new version has come out.

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YOU MUST follow on Discord for Our Help Desks! This resource is MORE Valuable than any of the strategies (and its 100% Free). Killer Whale Crypto is here to guide your journey! You will see Strategy/ Algorithmic Intelligence Results , Trade Setups, Take Profit Zones, Insights and Live Technical Analysis happening 24/7! Be a part of growing a Member Driven Crypto Server!

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Being a Master Class Trader, I now have the opportunity to give back our online community and will be here to serve as a staple for fellow Cryptohopper users!

Killer Whale Recommendation for Settings:
ALWAYS use a small buy amount (0.05-0.25%) for your Exchange. These Algorithms are like a Jet Engine that needs to warm up to use your entire start balance properly. The biggest mistake users make is thinking a higher buy amount will yield higher results when in fact it is quite the opposite. You can change any other settings and be will be fine just please advised!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to provide high quality templates and strategies to the marketplace so I am launching the first Killer Whale Strategy to the community for free... this version will always be free with updates! Paid Strategies coming soon and outperform the global stats by over 8% on average.

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