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The Conqueror - Tapoleon Strategies

The Conqueror - Tapoleon Strategies

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The conqueror, one of my master strategies.

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This strategy consists of a combination of indicators that filter out fake signals in the current sideways-bearish market. The technical analysis behind this strategy separates the strength of the bearish and bullish trends of the price and combines it with different quick moving averages to filter out weak signals. Therefore spotting strong buy signals.

Regarding the timing when it comes to close a position, I recommend setting a TSL with a percentage of 1% to 1.7%, depending on the current volatility of the market. More volatility larger percentage. Always set a Stop-Loss. Before opening a position you have to clearly know how much you are willing to lose. Don't let your hopper to hold big bags that have a huge opportunity cost.

Average holding time: 14 hours.

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