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Cryptohopper.com is an automated crypto trader that makes profit for you, so you can focus on the important things in life.

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How It Works?

A characteristic of cryptocurrencies, is that they are very volatile. Meaning that the price can both drop and rise multiple times a day. With the help of multiple strategies, we can determine if the price is low enough and it’s time to buy. The crypto hopper automatically sells when you’ve made profit.

Multiple strategies

The Cryptohopper uses our exclusive designed Bollinger bands strategy. It’s also possible to use extern advisors like the Crypto Alert Project or Crypto Wolf Signals. Your Hopper will then automatically buy the currencies they give an alert for.


Our design is very effective and simple. Meaning that it is easy to use and easy to setup. Don't believe us? Create an account and have a look!

Community help

Still have problems? Or just want to know what Hopper settings other people use? Ask it on our forum! It’s the perfect place to share idea’s and Hopper settings. That way, we can all get the best out of our Hoppers.

Easy to use

Your Hopper gives a clear overview of your current positions and Hopper controls. It is also possible to:

  • Adjust your Hopper. Choose your strategies, adjust them, tell your hopper how much it can invest per position and how much profit it has to make.

  • Check your stats and trade history.

  • Read the forum and share your idea’s, Hopper settings and opinions about coins you’re investing in.

  • Read the message box, where we post information about our actions and improvements.

Easy to use crypto trading bot

How About Safety?

Cryptohopper trades on your behalf on an exchange of your choice. So you pick an exchange you trust, deposit the funds and with an API key, your Hopper is ready to trade on your favorite exchange for you.

  • Your Hopper can trade for you on Poloniex, Bittrex and Kraken. More exchanges will be added soon.
  • You don’t need to give us permission to withdraw, but only to trade. That way, your funds are safe on the exchange you choose.

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We are so confident with our Cryptohopper, we offer a free trial month. When your trial month is over, your hopper is automatically disabled and you decide which package you want or if you want to stop.

Adventure Hopper
  • 80 positions
  • Max. 15 selected coins
  • Running every 10 minutes
  • Best Effort Support
$ 19 per month
Advanced Hopper
  • 200 positions
  • Max. 50 selected coins
  • Running every 5 minutes
  • Extended Support
$ 49 per month
Master Hopper
  • 500 positions
  • Max. 75 selected coins
  • Running every 2 minutes
  • Arbitrage
  • First line Support
$ 99 per month

Cannot find a package matching your needs? Contact [email protected] for a tailored solution.

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How much profit can I make?

It depends on the market and your Hopper settings. Check our community forum and read what profits other people make and which Hopper settings they use.

Do you guarantee profit?

No we don’t. However, the cryptocurrency market is rising since it’s beginning and has always been volatile. Invest in currencies you trust, don’t panic sell when prices drop more then you’ve bought them for and you should make steady profits.

Are the prices refundable?

No they aren’t. You can pay per month or buy for a whole year.

Is it safe?

We spend a lot of time on our safety, so your account is safe with us. We don’t need to have permission to withdraw your funds, so in the unlikely event of a data breach, it’s still impossible for hackers to acces your funds. The exchanges we work with are known to spend a lot of time and money in their safety, so your funds should be secure with them.

Is it easy to setup my Hopper?

Yes it is. Deposit your funds on the exchange you like, give us your API key and we’re ready to go. If there is something you don’t understand, you can check our extensive tutorials or ask on the community forum.