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BEATCOINS | Star Bots Signals

BEATCOINS | Star Bots Signals

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> 6+ crypto bots aiming to DOUBLE your capital every year
> Historical compound annual growth rate: 217% (2019-2021)
> Top traded coins with low volatility, bots designed to beat BTC
> Signals may take days, but pays back with huge profits
> Optimized for sustainable ROI in the medium term (6 months)
> Trades last from weeks to several months
> Signals for BTC and USDT base currencies
> FAQ:
Our skin is our GUARANTEE, 80% of our net worth is traded by these bots - we work hard to keep providing amazing results.

The STAR BOTS aim to DOUBLE YOUR CAPITAL EVERY YEAR (6%/month on avg). Consists of at least 6 bots trading automatically the strongest coins in volume and gains, including Bitcoin. This allows for high profits with equity variations up to 25% (relatively low for the crypto world). There is NO MAGIC: you must withstand these variations to gain over 100% a year!

BE PATIENT: Signals could take days because bots scan the market for EXCEPTIONAL OPPORTUNITIES with low risk, high probability of win, and huge ROI. Trades take between WEEKS TO MONTHS, and follow proven trends created by crypto whales and institutional investors.

The bots composition changes frequently to enables gains to happen even when the Bitcoin benchmark is in downtrends. Currently STAR BOTS are trading the coins listed here: All bots are designed to beat the BTC performance.

IMPORTANT: trading is a probability play. Bots WILL NOT WIN EVERY TRADE, but in the medium term they are VERY PROFITABLE.


Note: subscription NOT available in app stores.
High-end crypto bots that consistently beat the market. Coded for personal use, they were time-tested and tuned while trading automatically 80% of our net worth. Longer term trades, with average monthly returns starting at 6%. Now sharing them to give back the good fortune received to my friends and community.

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3.74 %

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0.00 %

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Last months performance

Performance is being caclulated by adding the signal's highest and lowest results together. Each entry point represents the signal’s highest minus the lowest after 24 hours (as in the Performance report) divided by the number of signals in that day.

Profit distribution buy signals

Performance reports

CoinExchangeBase currencyTypeDateHighest/LowestView
LINK BTC Buy 1631667468 3.04% / -1.66%
BTC USDT Buy 1631667431 2.65% / -0.86%
BTC Binance USDT Buy 1631667400 2.67% / -0.85%
LINK Binance USDT Buy 1631662505 3.29% / -2.47%
LINK Binance BTC Buy 1631662495 1.99% / -2.72%
LINK Binance USDT Buy 1631660918 3.49% / -2.27%
LINK Binance BTC Buy 1631660898 2.26% / -2.46%
LINK Binance USDT Buy 1631646335 8.42% / -0.97%
LINK Binance BTC Buy 1631646299 5.84% / -0.82%
SOL Binance USDT Buy 1631448137 0.90% / -15.73%
BTC Binance USDT Buy 1631405028 2.68% / -0.96%
FET Binance BTC Buy 1631402827 6.65% / -9.14%
FET Binance USDT Buy 1631402634 6.23% / -9.63%
SOL Binance BTC Sell 1631371452 1.40% / -7.28%
SOL Binance BTC Buy 1631309162 9.20% / -1.47%

These realtime stats are based on all trade data of the last month.

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