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Super Crypto Signals is a trading strategy created in 2019. Strategy is design to consistently provide profits, no matter what is the market direction. Strategy perfectly works in BULL as well as BEAR market.
AI scans the market 24/7 and provide fast entry to profitable deals. If you compound it overtime you can reach unbeatable results.
We highly recommend to use our template, which is for FREE:) in the templates section,
the template(DCA bot) allows to trade fast all signals in profit,
since launch on CRYPTOHOOPER no one signal closed in loose.
With use of our signals together with our template You cann await weekly profit about 2% weekly.
Always keep 20 % capital off to use for manual trading in case the market goes against you. This allows you to keep your positions safe and avoid holding for ages.
It is also recommended to split your capital 40 % to USDT pairs and 30 % to BTC pairs.
As always be patient - some trades are closed quickly, some need more time.
Let the bot play the game and avoid manual trading if it is not necessary.
Don't forget recommendation to use our template(for FREE) for our signals.

Contact: [email protected]

Telegram: @ Super Crypto Signals

no data mean -the trade was not opened
Trade is always at your risk.

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