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Jdog Strategy Downtrend

Jdog Strategy Downtrend

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Hello, please contact me (may take a few days to reply depending on schedule)but i wil reply and will be happy to help

This is 1/4 Strategies in a full set up – 4 base templates
this set up is to be used in full and not singularly
this is due to its unique auto switching functionality

this set up has also been built to be used within the 2021 bull run, we have documents and soon video tutorial to help with set up as well as 1 to 1 help

we focus on a much higher profit % aim than most, this can be reduced but not necessary

set up has now be designed to be able to work with all subscriptions using as little as 2 triggers

Here you will find all templates

here you will find all strategies

This Strategy is to be used when we hit brief periods of decline and stop buying that standard would look for, it will wait for a drop within the market before it continues to buy positions

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